Friday, April 20, 2018

Flowers, Trees, Bugs, and Food.

 Winter and the cold weather just doesn't want to let go. In my area of the world we have it much easier then many other areas for sure, but it is still cold here. Spring has to be my least favorite season. I have said this many times that Spring she is just a tease. You look out the window and the skies are blue, the sun is shinning, flowers bowing gently in the wind. It looks so warm and welcoming out that window, but it is a balled face lie, because the minute you step out the door, you freeze. That gentle breeze isn't gentle at all, it is actually a full blown noreaster wind just waiting to smack you in the face, making you run back in the house to put on your winter woolies. Then there are the days you look out the window and it is cloudy, wet, and the wind is blowing harder then on a winter day, so you bundle up to go out, and before you get to the end of your drive your sweating under you winter wear in the warm summer like temperatures.  As I said Spring she is just one big tease. We are almost through the worst of the weather now and I am getting antsy for the warm weather to come and to stay.   While finding my subject for today I was scanning through my pictures and thought I would just bring the warm days to me, if only on paper, or in type as it is. 
  All the photos you are about see are from last year, some from Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and absolutely nothing from winter.
    I love it when nature poses for me, and these insects were all willing models. The Dragon flies wings were just to interesting for me to ignore and he was happy to hang out long enough for me to take dozen of shots. Don't worry I only picked two to share. Praying Mantis abound everywhere, and the stick bug likes hanging out in my yard.

  The butterflies just loved the Cosmos out by the mail box and last summer we had them each day by the dozen.

  Tulips, yellow buttercups, and red hot sally's just to name a few are so pretty to look at, to smell, and of course to photograph.

  Every year since I have lived here I admire this tree. When it is so full of deep blood red leaves, it is just breath taking.

  These  are just a few random photographs that I like and thought I would share.

  And this is Getty before his Summer hair cut. He's just cute and wanted you to see for yourself.

  Believe it or not this lovely dish is actually on my diet, cheese and all. This is what I call an Eggplant stack. It consists of sliced eggplant that now I roast plain without breading. As the photo shows before this diet started I breaded the eggplant. I slice the egg plant thin with the skin on. On top of the roasted egg plant I layer either pesto or fresh basil chopped up, depending on what I have on hand. Next comes the tomato sliced round in a medium thickness. On top of all of that I sprinkle heavily with shredded mozzarella cheese. Back in the oven it all goes until the cheese is bubbly and melted. Remove from the oven and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and serve hot. 

They are so good they have Bill running to the dinner table whenever I serve them. Thank goodness they made the diet cut.

 Have a wonderful Weekend, heres hoping everyone has wonderful warm sunny days all weekend long.

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