Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time 07/14/2012

Dinner last night was a combined effort. The word effort makes it sound like we worked hard at fixing dinner. More like we played hard while dinner cooked itself. The prep work took less then 10 minutes and some of it was quite fun. Bill picked some beets and bell peppers from the garden and together we washed them and few small potatoes up,I chopped up some white onion and the bell peppers and put it altogether in my baking dish with chicken leg quarters. I added 5 whole cloves of garlic, some sage, rosemary,& oregano fresh from the garden as well as salt, pepper, Chinese ginger, and enough white wine to cover the bottom of the pan,I drizzled olive oil lightly over the top and the prep work was done. It actually took longer to write about it then do it.
  The pre cooked dish looked so pretty I just had to take a picture. I covered this with foil and handed it off to Bill for the grill. He cooked it for 30 minutes with the foil and the final 30 minutes with out the foil. It took a little over an hour for the chicken to be cooked all the way through. Giving Bill and I plenty of time to relax, play a few games and get caught up on each others day.
  As good as that chicken dish looked going onto the grill it looked even better coming off the grill.
This tasted exactly like it looks. The little golden beets where a sweet little treat and with all the flavor going on in that pan the potatoes didn't need butter or any other seasoning.The best way to describe last nights dinner.....
                         Finger Licking  Good !!! 

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