Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time 07/13/2012

 Bill and I did not want to cook last night. We wanted a cook and a maid to serve us. Well since we all know that wasn't going to happen Bill went ahead and made us dinner. He made a good  easy  no fuss meal. Not sure if it would have been considered a healthy dinner, there was no green veggie,on the other hand there also was no starch. Pure protein that is what is was.
 I do love a good steak and Bill is the best steak cooker I know. He gets them perfectly done every time. Pink and tender on the inside and nicely browned on the outside with grill marks to finish the picture. Last night was no different, he grilled us steaks done just right, sauteed some button mushrooms with a sweet white onion and called it dinner.               
 I have been doing very good this month making meals that require very little prep time keeping me out of the heat of the  kitchen,I think however that I am doing just as well at staying out of the kitchen altogether. By the time the cool weather comes back I am sure I will miss being in the kitchen cooking up our favorite recipes, but for now I am enjoying the lighter meals and really enjoying the days I never enter the kitchen. No cooking or doing the dishes I call those Vacation Days.

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