Monday, July 16, 2012

Cook Books

I love cook books. I have a large collection of cook books. I have so many that I haven't read all of them yet. Well with all the time I have on my hands because of the quick and easy meals of this month,I have been catching up on my cook book reading. Reading cook books can be dangerous. You have no idea what you will get your self into.
I read 3 books this week and while every one of them had me going  " Oh wow look at this " more then once, only one of them had me in the kitchen all day Sunday. I do mean all day it is a good thing dinner was in the crock pot or there would have been no dinner just cake.
A chocolate sponge roll is what I decided to make. I had been drooling about this recipe ever since reading it a few days ago. I am not a baker I am unsure of my self when it comes to baking and have more questions then answers. So before I went into the kitchen I called Mary Ellen the best baker I know and got some answers. After a quick trip to the store for the proper pan, (This required 2 more calls to Mary Ellen) I was ready to bake a cake.
  I entered the kitchen armed with my cook book opened to the 2 pages of ingredients and directions as well as a head full of  good tips and helpful hints from Mary Ellen. I felt sure I felt ready I felt like a baker.
                                 I prepared my baking pan.
                       Sifted together my dry ingredients.
                           Beat the egg whites stiff.
              Beat the egg yolks and sugar until thick.
                         Added the egg whites to the egg yolk.
                             Gently folded together.
               Folded in dry ingredients a little at a time.
Spread the batter in my prepared pan& put it in the oven.
  I sprinkled powder sugar on a towel larger then the cake.
I inverted the cake onto the towel removed the parchment paper and rolled the warm cake into the towel. Leaving it to cool completely.
  While the cake cooled I made my filling. A creamy orange coconut filling that I found in the same book. Once the cake was cool, I unrolled the cake.
                 I spread the filling over the entire cake
                         I rolled the cake up into a log.
Placed it on a plate and tried a piece before dinner was ready.
  I put the cake in the fridge until it was time for dessert and it sliced so much better after it was chilled.
The book I found the cake in was my mom's when she was a young wife and she used it as long as I can remember. I can see why. I am not a baker, but you couldn't tell that looking at my cake. All I did was follow the recipe directions and listen to some good advice.

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