Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/25/2012

 This is a new twist on an old dish. I think it is a new twist any way,Bill say's he has had it this way before. I know I never made this before,I also know that it will now be a go to recipe when I want "Meat Loaf".Yes that is what I said meat loaf. Bill is not a big fan of meat loaf and I like it. That means I am always looking for new ways to entice him. His main compliant about meat loaf is the ketchup. So I look for recipes and ideas that make a tasty meat loaf that don't use tomato of any kind. I have developed a recipe of my own that I am proud of and use on the rare occasion we have meat loaf. Last night however I decided to call a co worker and get her recipe for meat loaf. Everyone that has ever tried her meat loaf raves about it.There is every reason to rave about this recipe. So simple and basic and so good. Comfort food at its finest. 
 I followed her recipe almost as written.I used every ingredient and her method. I used homemade instead of jarred gravy and I lowered the amounts to fit my needs. The recipe was sent to me via text while my co worker Brittany was having dinner in a restaurant so I will be editing and polishing this recipe as I write it. Don't worry I just want to make it look more like a recipe and less like a text.
            "Brittany's Man Pleasing Meat Loaf"

     2 lbs ground beef
    2 eggs 
       1/2 container bread crumbs 
       1 small jar or can beef gravy 
        5 or 6 potatoes washed peeled and chopped 
       1/2 stick of butter 
       about a 1/4 cup milk or cream
Using your hands mix together meat, eggs, bread crumbs, and the gravy. If the mixture seems to wet add a few more bread crumbs.Spread your mixture into a loaf pan. Spread it out evenly no more then half the height of the pan.If needed use a second pan. Place in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes.
 While the meat is in the oven boil the potatoes until tender enough to mash. Drain them and place in a large bowl. cut up the butter and throw it in the bowl. With a potato masher mash potatoes until smooth. Stirring with a spoon add the milk a little at a time until you get a smooth creamy texture. Salt and pepper to taste and set a side.
  Remove the meat loaf from the oven and make sure it is cooked through. Using paper towel soak up as much grease off the top as you can. Spread the mashed potatoes evenly over the meat loaf and place under the broiler about 15 mins or until the potatoes just start to turn a nice toasty brown.
  Remove from the oven and let rest a full 10 minutes before cutting into it. Then enjoy!

I think this recipe is going in my book of favorite recipes in the chapter titled Perfect Sunday dinners.
  Thank you Brittany for a delicious dinner. You have every reason to be proud of this recipe. You certainly taught this old dog a new trick.

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