Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/26/2012

Not really new but different. This past Easter I boiled down 2 ham bones and instead of making them into soup right away I froze the broth as broth. Ever since I have been looking for a way to use the broth other then bean soup. Well yesterday I got my chance.
 I normally make this dish with water and on the stove top. Yesterday I used ham broth and the crock pot to make pork shoulder roast with fresh green beans and new potatoes.A no fuss no mess meal that was full of flavor.Not sure what you call this dish or where I learned to make it.I believe the first time I saw it was as a child and a distant relative was making it. I just remember it being so good and something that was never served in my childhood home. I became acquainted with the dish again as a young adult in Philia and it became a part of my list of dishes I like to make. I haven't made this dish in years, not at all since I have been married to Bill. When I saw the green beans were ready for picking I knew just what I was going to do. Then when I realized I could use my broth I was even more eager to make the dish.
   In my opinion the dish has great flavor made with water and the broth just brought the flavor out even more. I love green beans cooked like this. There is no better way to cook them then infused with the juices of pork.
If you are wondering how to make this it is simple.2 to 3 cups of liquid,pork roast,fresh green beans,new potatoes whole,and 2or 3 slices of uncooked bacon cut into chunks(the thicker the bacon the better.Wash and snap the stem end off the beans,wash the potatoes and throw every thing in the crock pot.Put the roast on the bottom and add the liquid last.I cooked mine on low for 5 hrs and then the last hr I turned it up to high.Every thing was done to perfection.
 As I said not exactly a new dish but a different dish with a new Little twist.

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