Monday, December 15, 2014


 Good Monday morning to you. I am just so happy to be typing that. I knew I enjoyed blogging and working with my pictures, but I really didn't know how much it is a part of me until I was unable to do it. I truly love to write and take pictures. I want to be good at it but even if I am not it doesn't matter because I just love doing it. 
 I don't have a plan for this post. Nothing other then getting back on line has really happened. It is the week before Christmas and I have a billion and one things to get done. Madeline was here over the weekend and she helped me decorate the tree. A big help as always. I can't help but smile when I think of her. This weekend we went Christmas light looking. One of my favorite traditions. I love when we all pile in the car turn the Christmas music on and start driving around looking at all the beautiful decorations and lights. This year is at the top of my favorite list. So Madeline could see better we put her booster seat in the center of the back seat and seat belted her in there. She had a view in 3 different directions and she was using them all.I was driving so I couldn't really see her face but I could hear her singing with the radio and the oohs and ahhhs were loud and clear. She squealed so loud you would have thought some one was tickling her. Her reactions made something already fun even more fun.Little Drummer Boy got here singing the loudest, with Rudolph taking a very close 2nd. She had a busy weekend for sure, helping decorate inside and out, helping the Dzia cut Christmas trees and load them on peoples cars, and finishing the art projects she has been making as gifts for her other grandparents. When it was time to go home I had to call her 3 times to get going. She really didn't want to leave. She always says or does something that melts my heart and makes me SMILE and this weekend was no different. We were picking up some milk and bread and while walking down one aisle or another she looks up at me and says "Grandmama the night that was before yesterday I got real sad." I ask Why? and she stopped me in my tracks with her answer. " Because I wanted to be at your house with you." See I told you she melts my heart every time. I can't help but brag because that little girl is something to brag about. On the way home she was adding 3+3+2 and other combinations like that and getting the answers right. When I asked if she was learning that in school she said no. I asked well were did you learn that she said she just did it. When I asked how do you find the answer her answer left me laughing but only slightly because it had me thinking as well. She said that she thinks about it and that a light goes off in her head and she has the answer. When she got one wrong she said " Oops must have grabbed the wrong Light."

 Happy Monday to you! Thank you for stopping by.

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