Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are You Kidding Me!

 Good Morning! I had an entirely different post ready for today, but an Email I got yesterday changed my direction for today.
 All I could say when I read it was are you kidding me, and repeat it over and over again. 
 A month ago I began a journey that has yet to really end. I wrote a post you may remember titled " Computer Held Hostage" post link
It was my 3rd best read post ever. In that post I tell how " Avast " the anti virus provider appears to have given me a virus rather then remove one rendering my computer useless. Rather then pay the fee to these modern day pirates I got a new computer and went from there. I tagged Avast on Twitter with a link to my blog post. I received a response on twitter something to the tune of oh we're sorry that happened. On the post it self a person commented that they were with Avast and would like to look into it saying that maybe I called a company that wasn't them. The person asked for the number I called, my Email and a few other personal details. Details I did not give. I gave the number I called, the time and length of each call and who I spoke to. From that information a person working in computer security should certainly be able to get the rest of the information they need without my giving more personal information to a perfect stranger. There was no follow up after that not a single thing happened no phone calls or Emails nothing. That is until yesterday when I got this Email.
My name was here.
We have noticed that your avast! Internet Security - 1 user, 1 year hasn't been in use for a while. Have you switched to a new PC? If you have switched to a new PC, you can easily transfer your Avast license, just follow these easy steps:
How to transfer your license to another PC
I removed the content here to protect me.
Double-click the license file you received after your purchase and follow activation instructions.
Note: If you do not have the license anymore, 
Your license is valid until 08/01/2015. Please( This had a survey link I removed to protect me.) for why you stopped using avast! Internet Security - 1 user, 1 year.
If you experience any problems during the license transfer, please call us toll-free [1-866-951-7679]. We’re always ready to lend a hand.
Thank you and safe surfing!
– The Avast Team
AVAST Software s.r.o., Trianon Office Building, Budejovicka 1518/13a, 140 00, Prague 4, Czech Republic

 Yes you read that correctly. The phone number in the Email is the exact same number that I used when I called 30 days ago when this journey all began. All I can say is Are You Kidding Me! I knew from the moment the comments hit my pages it was just posturing for the public so they didn't look quite as bad as I was making them look. Well not just me I had also provided a link in the Computer Held Hostage post with a page full of people that had the same complaints  about this company.  Avast appears to have no idea what is going on in their own company. They are so wide spread and out sourced that they can't see their hand right in front of their face. 
 Avast is suppose to be rated number 1 in anti virus protection. I just don't see how that is possible. Well for me Avast is not number 1 in fact for me they aren't even on the map. 
  Have a wonderful Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, December 15, 2014


 Good Monday morning to you. I am just so happy to be typing that. I knew I enjoyed blogging and working with my pictures, but I really didn't know how much it is a part of me until I was unable to do it. I truly love to write and take pictures. I want to be good at it but even if I am not it doesn't matter because I just love doing it. 
 I don't have a plan for this post. Nothing other then getting back on line has really happened. It is the week before Christmas and I have a billion and one things to get done. Madeline was here over the weekend and she helped me decorate the tree. A big help as always. I can't help but smile when I think of her. This weekend we went Christmas light looking. One of my favorite traditions. I love when we all pile in the car turn the Christmas music on and start driving around looking at all the beautiful decorations and lights. This year is at the top of my favorite list. So Madeline could see better we put her booster seat in the center of the back seat and seat belted her in there. She had a view in 3 different directions and she was using them all.I was driving so I couldn't really see her face but I could hear her singing with the radio and the oohs and ahhhs were loud and clear. She squealed so loud you would have thought some one was tickling her. Her reactions made something already fun even more fun.Little Drummer Boy got here singing the loudest, with Rudolph taking a very close 2nd. She had a busy weekend for sure, helping decorate inside and out, helping the Dzia cut Christmas trees and load them on peoples cars, and finishing the art projects she has been making as gifts for her other grandparents. When it was time to go home I had to call her 3 times to get going. She really didn't want to leave. She always says or does something that melts my heart and makes me SMILE and this weekend was no different. We were picking up some milk and bread and while walking down one aisle or another she looks up at me and says "Grandmama the night that was before yesterday I got real sad." I ask Why? and she stopped me in my tracks with her answer. " Because I wanted to be at your house with you." See I told you she melts my heart every time. I can't help but brag because that little girl is something to brag about. On the way home she was adding 3+3+2 and other combinations like that and getting the answers right. When I asked if she was learning that in school she said no. I asked well were did you learn that she said she just did it. When I asked how do you find the answer her answer left me laughing but only slightly because it had me thinking as well. She said that she thinks about it and that a light goes off in her head and she has the answer. When she got one wrong she said " Oops must have grabbed the wrong Light."

 Happy Monday to you! Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Still computer challenged!

I am on a kindle and will be that way for for a while. I am returning the computer  tomorrow and not replacing it until I can get the problem fixed. I will try and post at least once a week. Pictures aren't possible and the blind typing is unsettling but hopefully I will get use  to it.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Computer Makes Me Cry

 I didn't miss my post today, My computer made me miss my post today. The computer Acer Aspire E 15 I got less then 30 days ago had a touch pad crash. Acer said send it to us we will fix it. I have disliked the computer from day one because the touch pad was so wonky. I decide to take advantage of the fact that I have a 30 day window and return it. I replace it with what I am told the exact computer, much to my happiness they are not the same computers. The improvement in the computers is almost worth the loss of today's blogs pictures. While setting up the new computer I am asked to sign into my Microsoft account (not my email account ) I try and am told that the info I gave is wrong. I wrote it down when set the account less then 30 days ago, so I try again and still I get the message my info is wrong. I try again and get a message that I am not locked out for to many wrong infos. I call Acer they reset my computer, that takes 3 hours. once it is reset I call acer back for help with the set up. We get to the sign in with Microsoft part and well  no matter what I try I can't sign in. The lady from Acer tries with no success to explain something. What I have no idea because her thick accent and rate of speech made understanding impossible. I asked more then once for her to slow down and speak clearer only to be told I needed to listen better. She interrupted every sentence I tried to speak. In the end she has me skip the sign in and continue on with the sign up. I do as she suggest only to find I now can't get my email and a few other apps I use.  She gives up and tells me to call Microsoft. The help I got there was even less helpful. After almost 2 hours on the phone I at least can get my email but all other Microsoft apps that I may use are not accessible to me.
  I had some sort of warning in my brain yesterday and saved photos that I knew I would regret losing to shutter fly.  My photos for the blog I had planned for today were lost.
 I have a computer and it seems to work much better then the one I purchased almost 30 days ago. I actually like this one so much more. I just need to figure out Mirosoft and my account so I can use all the apps I like and need. Tomorrow will find me once more calling Microsoft in the hope they can this time help me.
   It has taken a bit of time to get all my favorite sites back on my tool bar. I am still working on it.
 So with luck I will be all back on line Monday and making an interesting post. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Roasted Curry Pumpkin Soup

 Thanksgiving has come and gone but the food is still around. Leftover turkey dinners and creative turkey creations are happening all over the country no doubt about it. A recipe I created a few years back received a blue ribbon this fall and was featured for a day shortly after Thanksgiving. A fun 15 minutes of fame. I made the dish again this year and it was just as good as the 3 other times I made it. I will feature it here one day soon but for today we will take a look at the pumpkin soup I made for Thanksgiving dinner.
  I had one small pumpkin that I really wanted to turn into a soup. I dragged my feet until the day before Thanksgiving and then I took the plunge and gave cooking with fresh pumpkin a try.I looked up recipes on line and picked one that was to my liking using fresh pumpkin and curry. I used the recipe as a guide line and added my own ideas to it and I came up with a winner. Ding Ding Ring the Bell it was that good.

  Roasting the pumpkin takes the longest but can be done a day or so in advance if needed. Roasting is also the easiest part of the soup, really no part of the soup was hard to make.

  There is a lot of flavor in the soup and using yogurt or sour cream can help tame it for those that are not fans of the strong exotic flavor that a good curry can have. I roasted the seeds right along with the pumpkin and we gave them a try with the soup. We just aren't seed people.
 The ingredient list looks intimidating but not really you can find everything in your local grocery store. I took this opportunity to try out coconut oil. Wonderful stuff and I am looking for a less costly way to purchase it.

1 medium onion diced
1 tablespoon coconut oil
4 cloves garlic minced
2 tablespoon minced ginger
1 teaspoon curry powder
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1 medium pumpkin cut in half and seeded
3 1/2 cup Thia culinary stock
1/2 cup coconut milk

Cut and clean the pumpkin and roast in a 400 degree oven until fork tender. Remove from oven and let cool. Once cool enough to handle scoop out the pumpkin flesh and set a side.
  In a large dutch oven heat the coconut oil just like you would butter. Add the onion and spread out flat let cook until they begin to brown. Flip the onions and brown the other side with out stirring. Once browned add in garlic and ginger cook stirring until fragrant about a minute more. Add in the spices and cook about a minute until fragrant and roasted. Add in the stock, coconut milk, and pumpkin, bring to a boil.
  Remove from the heat and use an immersion blender and blend until smooth. 
  Serve hot with your favorite crusty bread and a dollop of yogurt or sour cream.

The original recipe has you blend in a blender as well as using the immersion blender.  I didn't see the need for it, nor did I rub my pumpkin with the coconut oil
Original recipe

. My soup was banging and we enjoyed it more then once before I froze the rest. I am thinking of making a fresh batch and serving it for dinner Christmas eve.

  I finished my photography course and now am doing a month course on long writing. My first assignment is to interview someone. I am dragging my feet, some shy bone in me is giving my a little trouble but I will get it done.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


 I totally blanked on the fact that today is Saturday. I like putting a post out on Saturday and I just totally missed it. I will save my soup post for Monday and just do a quick recap of yesterday.
  Yesterday was bitter sweet in some ways. We all went to Wheaton Village. Hubby and I had been there in Oct. and thought Madeline and Mom would enjoy so we made plans to come back on black Friday to see the world largest glass fruit cake being made. We saw it in progress but never saw the finished product.

 We were just too tuckered out to go back at the end of the day and see it. It was a fun day for all concerned. Madeline was really into looking at all the glass in the museum, much more interested then I had hoped for.

 We came home happy and oh so tired.
  The bitter sweet comes in to play with my camera. Naturally I took my camera with me. Now I am always trying out what I learned this past month about speed and light and getting a good clean shot. Well do you remember back to last year and the beginning of this year when I would take 100's of pictures and only a handful would be clear and crisp. Well that is what happened yesterday I took 100's of pictures and most of them are blurry. I didn't let it ruin a lovely day but it was disappointing. I feel a little frustrated like I am back at square one. Well it should be easier this time, I am after all familiar with the path.

   Hope you are enjoying the extra long weekend as much as we are. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a day planned that brings you happiness. For us it is an early dinner and then the EAGLES play this afternoon. The hubster is past happy it is like an extra Sunday for him. A day off, a full blown turkey dinner and football whats not to love.

   Since it is only the 3 of us we will be having a turkey breast. Even that seems a little big. We will have plenty of left overs for sandwiches.

 I will put the turkey in the oven in a few hours, the soup is already made and it came out as good as I was hoping. I will tell you more about that Saturday. I have a 5 lb give or take Sweet potato that I am going to bake and the green bean casserole is  a must or Mom and I won't know we are eating Thanksgiving dinner. Green bean casserole is a tradition that must never end.Hubby says I can stop there but it isn't a turkey dinner without stuffing so while stuffing isn't my strong suit I will give it a try and make it from scratch. Just because it is just us 3 that doesn't mean we can't have a good dinner packed full with tradition. ( every time I write the word Tradition I hear the beginning lines to the Fiddler On Roof.) 

The pie is coming from the Amish shop in the farmers market so it is sure to be fresh and good. I am hopping for peach but I bet he gets apple. We just had pumpkin pie at the start of the month and the soup is pumpkin soup so I opted for a fruit pie. I am making myself hungry. 
  Other then making dinner which pretty much makes itself I plan on doing nothing more today then to curl up on my comfy couch in front of a roaring fire and read my book maybe watch a movie. Mostly however I am going to be thankful for my wonderful life and family.

  The pictures scattered through out this post are a few of my favorites from this past weeks assignments and my walk in Center City last Saturday. I took what I call a 3 hour pleasure tour in the city with my camera and came home one tired happy camper.
                        Happy Thanksgiving!