Thursday, June 18, 2015

Short Story Continued

   Joe quickly ducked back behind the big ole tree trunk he had been hiding behind, as Lily Mea fainted. Sinking down to the ground Joe smiled to himself to see Lily Mea was alive and looking well. He wished she hadn't said his name but that just couldn't be helped. Joe was also very happy to see Lily Mea was no longer wearing that God awful dress. He had felt so bad for her along the trail between the heat and the dirt Lily Mea had no chance of being comfortable. And then again he did warn her more than once to get some sensible cloths, but she didn't listen. " Oh well thats no worry now, my worry now is how do I get her out of there with out getting us both killed." 
    As Joe sat thinking behind the tree, the ladies were reviving Lily Mea all talking at once making no sense, not that Lily Mea understood them or even really heard them, she was to busy trying to catch another glimpse of Joe. Lily Mea wasn't sure if she really saw him or if her mind was playing tricks on her. Just as she was about to convince herself she was seeing things, Lily Mea caught a quick glance of the back of Joe's head as he hurriedly made his way deeper into the forrest. Unfortunately Lily Mea wasn't the only one to see Joe moving into the trees. Unseen by anyone including Joe, Reo had been standing a short ways away when Lily Mea fainted, he was about to approach the group of women when he noticed Lily Mea franticly looking around as if she were looking for something or someone. At the very moment Lily Mea spotted Joe so did Reo. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cut and Paste A learning Experience

 At this point I haven't been brave enough to purchase a software program for editing and altering photos. For now I use the free ones out there. As you can imagine the free ones aren't as advanced as say Photoshop and don't offer as many options but it is a good place to start. I use 4 different editing programs each offering me something a little different as well as many tools that are exactly the same. piZap for instance offers cut and paste editing, something I would like to get good at.
  Here are my first 3 attempts. Crud and simple I know but you got to start some where.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

 Dog sitting this weekend so my kids could go enjoy a little mini vacation. Perfect opportunity to play with my camera.