Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are You Kidding Me!

 Good Morning! I had an entirely different post ready for today, but an Email I got yesterday changed my direction for today.
 All I could say when I read it was are you kidding me, and repeat it over and over again. 
 A month ago I began a journey that has yet to really end. I wrote a post you may remember titled " Computer Held Hostage" post link
It was my 3rd best read post ever. In that post I tell how " Avast " the anti virus provider appears to have given me a virus rather then remove one rendering my computer useless. Rather then pay the fee to these modern day pirates I got a new computer and went from there. I tagged Avast on Twitter with a link to my blog post. I received a response on twitter something to the tune of oh we're sorry that happened. On the post it self a person commented that they were with Avast and would like to look into it saying that maybe I called a company that wasn't them. The person asked for the number I called, my Email and a few other personal details. Details I did not give. I gave the number I called, the time and length of each call and who I spoke to. From that information a person working in computer security should certainly be able to get the rest of the information they need without my giving more personal information to a perfect stranger. There was no follow up after that not a single thing happened no phone calls or Emails nothing. That is until yesterday when I got this Email.
My name was here.
We have noticed that your avast! Internet Security - 1 user, 1 year hasn't been in use for a while. Have you switched to a new PC? If you have switched to a new PC, you can easily transfer your Avast license, just follow these easy steps:
How to transfer your license to another PC
I removed the content here to protect me.
Double-click the license file you received after your purchase and follow activation instructions.
Note: If you do not have the license anymore, 
Your license is valid until 08/01/2015. Please( This had a survey link I removed to protect me.) for why you stopped using avast! Internet Security - 1 user, 1 year.
If you experience any problems during the license transfer, please call us toll-free [1-866-951-7679]. We’re always ready to lend a hand.
Thank you and safe surfing!
– The Avast Team
AVAST Software s.r.o., Trianon Office Building, Budejovicka 1518/13a, 140 00, Prague 4, Czech Republic

 Yes you read that correctly. The phone number in the Email is the exact same number that I used when I called 30 days ago when this journey all began. All I can say is Are You Kidding Me! I knew from the moment the comments hit my pages it was just posturing for the public so they didn't look quite as bad as I was making them look. Well not just me I had also provided a link in the Computer Held Hostage post with a page full of people that had the same complaints  about this company.  Avast appears to have no idea what is going on in their own company. They are so wide spread and out sourced that they can't see their hand right in front of their face. 
 Avast is suppose to be rated number 1 in anti virus protection. I just don't see how that is possible. Well for me Avast is not number 1 in fact for me they aren't even on the map. 
  Have a wonderful Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the informative and well done blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Your welcome. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoyed seeing the Christmas gathering pictures well done.

  2. Whew! With that title I was afraid you new 'puter had a virus. Macs can get them, just not as likely. Glad all is good with the new one.

    1. Don't even think that! Knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, and saying a prayer that that never happens. I am really liking the new one.