Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Flowers and the Bee's and a Thing Called Dinner!

 Thursday morning found me covered in shaking terrified dogs. All because of a thunder storm. To be fair to the dogs it was the mother of thunder storms. It came in fast and furious then hung around for a while just to make sure you didn't miss the extreme loudness of the thunder or the brilliance of the lightening not to mention the deluge of water pouring out of the sky. At one point I wasn't sure if it was the dogs shaking the bed or if the whole house was shaking the thunder was so close, loud, and fast. One boom and strike would have not even left the sky yet when the next boom and strike would start. It lasted no more then 40 minutes but it seemed a lot longer and both boys stayed with me another hour after that making sure the storm wasn't coming back. I think they prefer snow storms to thunder storms.
  Once the storm left the outside was just calling to me. You could see the sun trying yet not succeeding to push it's way through the overcast grey cloudy day. Giving the outside world that odd but beautiful coloring that I think of as golden. Not bright and shinny more of a matte finish. Subtle soft and beautiful. I love days like this I really do. So instead of making beds doing dishes and vacuuming like I should have been I grabbed my camera and out the door I went. I didn't get 2 steps out the door before my camera was clicking away. Humans may not enjoy the rain but nature sure does. Everything comes out in the rain and after. The birds, bees and other insects are as busy as can be and the plant life sits up and preens it self with complete certainty that is is the most beautiful being on the planet.

 Even the smallest of weeds stands up tall and proud after a good rain.

 I got so lucky with this little guy. He went to every flower on the Azalea plant giving me ample time to take his picture. I wish I could share them all with you they all turned out great. I just picked a few of my favorites. I loved watching how he would hang on to the flower almost hugging it as he dug in for the sweet nectar. Nature at work always amazes me.

  Every spring I take a picture of this tree, and every year I tell the same story about this tree. This year is no different.

 I love this tree for more than one reason. It is my favorite type of tree. A Japanese Maple. I like the leaf color more then a little bit and the way it grows just tickles my fancy to no end. The biggest reason I love this tree, this tree was planted for me. Before my husband ever uttered the words I love you I knew because of this tree. One day while riding around with Bill not doing anything really just out for a ride I see a big beautiful Japanese Maple in the center of someones yard.  I mention that I love that kind of tree. The very next time I come to his house right there up front next to the mail box and driveway entrance is a little Japanese maple. I knew from that moment on I was home.
  Do you remember a week or so ago I took a picture of a Hosta that was just coming up.gardening
 Well its up and my peonies are looking like they will be blooming soon as well.

  " What Was Dinner? "  Dinner was easy straight up cooking. Nothing fancy and the only thing difficult about it was waiting for dinner to be ready to eat. The house smelled so so good our bellies were rumbling and we were drooling before I ever took the chicken out of the oven. I tried a Mexican Chicken recipe earlier this week and it was beyond good. I decided to use that idea and create my own chicken dish. I am going to call this dish Chicken Ala Grandma. I am sorry the pictures aren't staged but there just wasn't time. This is a meal that requires you eat it piping hot so I snapped a picture as quick as could and didn't worry about styling. I bet however they will have you drooling. I know when I look at them I want to go make dinner again.

  Chicken Ala Grandma is easy to make and works just wonderful with leg thigh combos. Season the meat with salt, pepper, garlic powder, Mrs dash salt free seasoning, and a small amount of ground ginger. Heat cooking oil in a heavy skillet and brown the chicken on all sides in the hot oil. Once chicken is golden brown on all sides remove from the pan and set a side. Pre heat oven to 400. In the same skillet you cooked the chicken on med.heat melt 2 TBS butter and add 2 TBS flour whisking into a smooth paste. Now I didn't measure this so 1/2 cup is my guess. Slowly pour half a cup of ginger brandy into the pan whisking the entire time, next slowly pour in 1 cup chicken stock whisking fast and furious until completely smooth continue to cook until thickened. Place the chicken in a greased baking dish pour on your gravy and cover tightly. Bake in 400 oven until done. about an hour give or take. I served this with Brussels sprouts steamed with orange zest and topped with orange juice and honey after steaming.

 I had left over rice from Bill deciding it would be easier to cook the whole 2 pounds. I still have leftover rice. For this meal I put some of the rice in a baking dish added butter, basil, sage, salt & pepper covered it tightly and put it in the oven for the last 30 minutes of the chickens cooking time. Alright now I really want to go make dinner and it is only 9 am.

   Madeline and I are spending the weekend together and we have a big line up of fun ahead of us. We started last night with a letter to a little 6 year old girl in Mississippi, who I know will love getting it, and making Mothers day cards for Mom and Grandmom. Today it's doughnuts for breakfast, then sewing machine and bathroom curtains to make. Her new play house out side is calling to her so we will be having lunch there and while lunching we will plan the menu for Mothers day / Birthday brunch for Madeline's mom, well for us too but it is Mommy's birthday as well as Mothers day. Then the rest of the day is all about playing and having fun.
  Have a happy weekend!  Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your flower pictures make me so happy! The one thing I miss most about my house was my beautiful yard and plantings. By sharing yours, I don't feel so deprived. You have a Happy Mothers Day too, Joey.

  2. I had a wonderful Mothers day I hope you did as well. I will make sure to keep on sharing my flowers with you. I love watching them evolve and grow through the season.