Monday, May 12, 2014

Madeline, Mothers Day & Brunch

 It was a Madeline weekend for sure. She came on Friday and stayed until Sunday. We shoved as much fun in those days we could. Note to self have all prep work done before Madeline gets here if you want to sew. The one and only moment Madeline was bored.
   Friday night Madeline with my help wrote her first letter. She wrote to a little girl she has never met, I know her Grandmom and the girls are the same age so I thought why not. I remember having a pen pal and it was fun. So she wrote her letter, colored a picture leaving the other side uncolored so her pen pal could color it. Madeline's way of sharing her coloring book and a past time Madeline never gets tired of. Saturday morning we put everything including a picture of Mad, in an envelope addressed it put a stamp on it and Madeline put it in the mail box. Maybe the next time Madeline visits me there will be a letter waiting for her. You never know.
  Saturday started with a ride in the big truck. We were just settling in to watch something on TV together, after Madeline was such a good girl and amused herself while I wrote my blog. Just as we cuddle up we hear this big big rumble followed by the sound of a large horn.

 I know  who it is I have heard that sound often. As soon as the truck turns in the driveway Madeline is off the couch on her toes looking out the front door. Dzidia takes the truck all the way to the back and turns around. In that same instance she was dressed. I have never seen a child dress so fast. I blinked and she was completely clothed, and Back at the front door on her toes excitedly waiting for the truck to come back up front. Her face was priceless when he drove right out of the driveway with out stopping. The excitement went to disappointment in a second and I was not sure she wasn't going to cry. I smiled at her rubbed her head and assured her he would be right back. I knew he had gone to the back to get the car seat out of my car and that he had a delivery down the street. Indeed he came back and got her. She was all smiles as he strapped her in the seat and as they pulled out of the drive I could hear her squeals of pleasure over the noise of the truck. Dziadzi's ears must have been ringing. 

She told her mom she LOVES the big truck.
  Saturday was warm and demanded we spend our day outside enjoying the sun and warmth. I decided to try the recipe that has been going around on line for big long lasting bubbles. I won't waste a lot of words here. Hours of fun is had with this recipe. We were amazed at how high and far the bubbles traveled before popping. Young and old a like were enjoying watching these bubbles.

 Even the neighbor across the street sat in his yard and watched the bubbles fly.
  Sunday Mothers day. I made brunch for us all, Mom,Dziadzi, my son, daughter in law, Madeline, and myself. I had one goal in mind and that was that my daughter in law be able to eat anything on the table she wanted. I surpassed my wildest dreams and she happily stuffed herself on gluten free everything. 

  My son left his phone in his pocket the entire visit. I felt very honored with that gesture.

 For me that was a huge I love you. After brunch I whispered in little misses ear asking if I should make more bubbles. The eyes lit up and the head is bobbing up and down fast enough to give me a neck ache. I make them and set the bowl on the table in the back yard. Then I stood back with my camera and watched my family play together.

 Once the kids headed home Dziadzi and I went for a walk in that little park I found. You know I took my camera and found new things to picture.

 What a happy Mothers day.

 " What Was Dinner? " Well not dinner but brunch. Brunch was gluten free and delicious. The star of my table was the gluten free pancakes for sure. I made plain and a few banana pancakes. Needed more banana pancakes but every one enjoyed the pancakes totally. I also served the Johnsonville Amazing muffins with a little change to the recipe. I subbed sweet potatoes for white potatoes in half of the muffins. A good substitution. 

Also on the table was yogurt and fresh fruit parfaits a beautiful tray of fruit,

 breakfast meats and just for Madeline french toast sticks. My daughter in law ate her fill guilt and pain free and I enjoyed watching her fill her plate more then once. 

When I heard her say she loved everything on the table but loved the fact she could eat everything on the table more, I felt total satisfaction. 
  Have a cheery Monday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. What a great weekend! How thoughtful to make sure your DIL could eat everything. So often they get a dish and have to settle.

  2. Yes I like anyone with a special diet to be able to enjoy as much as any one else. It was a great week end for sure. Thank you.