Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dogwood, Madeline & Dinner

 Monday I had the pleasure of picking up Madeline from school and keeping her over night and all day Tuesday. Before I went and picked her up I took a walk out back to once again try the tips and help I got with my camera at the wedding.
  I did much better this time and got some nice pictures. I also realize I have a real love affair with all the dogwood growing on the property. No matter what they always make a great picture.

  When Madeline got here she wanted to pick flowers. So we got the flower clippers, the dogs, and Dzidzia and went out back on a flower adventure.

 I never ever get tired of looking at that pretty face.

 It is official her out side house is all cleaned organized and moved into. We spent all day Tuesday weeding, raking, and scrubbing the house top to bottom.

 Once it was all clean and weed free I laid down a tent tarp that is folded over 4 times to fit and placed a rug on top of that. Then Madeline took over and moved her pots, pans, and food in and set it all up.

 She had so much fun and was so pleased with herself.

   " What Was Dinner" ?  It was plastic and the best dinner I was ever served.  Really I made a Mexican Chicken dish with rice and broccoli. I didn't get a picture of dinner before we demolished it. I did get a picture of the dinner Madeline served me and as good as my dinner was hers was so much more fun.

  The Mexican Chicken is easy to make and full  of flavor. Seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, ancho pepper, garlic powder, and salt free Mrs Dash. Then browned on both sides in a heavy skillet, after that place the chicken in a greased baking pan cover each piece with a generous amount of shredded cheese any flavor that floats your boat. top that with your favorite salsa and bake at 400 until the chicken is cooked through. A very good way to use thighs and leg thigh combos. So much flavor juicy, tender, and a lot healthier then frying.
  Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Madeline is one very lucky little girl! That is such a beautiful place to play and so safe.

  2. She loves it. Now that it is clean and bug free she loves it. Amazing how much love you get just for adding vinegar to the solution. Thats how I cleaned the plastic and got years of dirt off. :)