Monday, January 6, 2014

What a Wonderful Weekend

  Madeline came for the week end, with snow pants in hand. We got to take a walk and make an angel or 2 but the extreme cold, her cough, and my shoulder dictated that we stay indoors. We weren't board by any means there was games to be played, songs to sing, coloring books that needed coloring, and an artist kit that needed working with. We tried a little water color painting and a little oil painting. She painted a flower garden and I painted a house, hers was abstract mine more realistic. I don't tear the pages out of the artist pad we are using and each page we do we put our initial on. Some day when she is a grown women I am going to give her this book and hopefully it will bring to mind some very good memories.

   My Christmas village is a constant source of entertainment for Madeline, she adds her toys to it and lays on the floor for hours playing in the village. I almost hate to put it away she has that much fun. Bill took her to the tractor store Sunday morning and she came home with a hunting lodge with rams, goats and some deer. When I inquired about the strange choice of toy, the answer was quick and sure. Dziadzi said no to anything with a horse in it and the house could go in the village as well as the animals. There were little people also that could go in the village we would just have to ignore the fact that they were aiming bow and arrows at something. She even put the Hess truck in the village. I am going to put a way the Christmas Village, but I think I will work on getting buildings and things for her to build her own village.
   Today is the day I put a way Christmas and put the house back to normal. For me this is as much fun as getting ready for Christmas. Do you hear the sarcasm dripping in that sentence.   It is worth the effort however it is effort.
  What was Dinner? Dinner last night was a chart topper. I made regular ole pork chops in the cast iron skillet, a BLT salad, and loaded baked potato slices. The potatoes were what made last nights dinner a chart topper. I found the recipe on face book yesterday morning and just knew I had to have it for dinner last night. They are easy to make and quick they were ready in less then an hour. Time will vary depending on how thick you slice the potato. Any who this recipe is a perfect comfort food, I had been craving something cheesy and salty and nothing was satisfying that craving until last nights potatoes. When I say salty I mean that in a good way. I hadn't planned on getting a photo and it is a good thing too because I blinked and they were gone.
 Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (Can also do in Microwave for 6 plus minutes)

Brush both side of potato slices with butter; place them on a cookie sheet. Bake in the preheated 400 degrees F oven for 30 to 40 minutes or until lightly browned on both sides, turning once.

When potatoes are ready, top with bacon, cheese, green onion; continue baking until the cheese has melted;

Add a dollop of sour cream when done and enjoy!!
I was unable to get a link to the recipe so I copied and pasted 
it here. This is not my recipe but one I found on face book. I 
tried it and just had to share it with you all because it is such a good recipe.We didn't even bother with the sour cream there just wasn't any need for it. Yummy.

I really should not use my camera while I am resting this shoulder but I gave it a try and well as you see I shouldn't be using the camera. Everything I took was blurry you got to see the best of the bunch. With that being said I will leave my camera alone for a few more days.
One more picture to share and I am out of here for the day, a walk to take and a house to put in order. 

Have a good day stay warm and dry and thanks for stopping by.

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