Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lets go Dishing

Somewhere in the 1980's I got my first piece of Fiestaware and I was forever hooked. It was a green what I call luncheon plate I loved the size and feel of it and how my food looked on it. I scoured thrift stores and flea markets everywhere finding a little here and there and mostly unattainable with large price tags. So my set of colorful dishes grew very slowly almost not at all.
   Then one day I found out that Homer Laughlin China (HLC) was once again making Fiestaware in even more colors then before. So for more then a few years every Christmas and every Birthday I asked for and got plate settings of Fiestaware in all colors. Since I am a user not a collector after I had enough to seat 6 I stopped getting the plate settings, that was a mistake I wish I hadn't made. I missed out on some beautiful colors that are no longer in production and are some what hard to find now and totally priced out side of my pocket book. 
  In the 2000's my dish set needed a little work and I once again started getting place settings when they were on sale and I also started to branch out to serving dishes and luncheon plates as well as small bowls. The more I got the more I loved it and the more I wanted. This stuff is addicting and you can go broke acquiring it if your not careful.
  I love my Fiestaware it makes me happy just to look at, I feel compelled to take photos of it at odd times like when my dishwasher is full of clean dishes,

 or when the table is set for dinner,

 and when the dishes are full of food.

 I thought I might be just short of crazy having a love affair with my dishes. Then I found out I am not alone, there are people all over the world that love their Fiestaware as much if not more then me.
   There are groups, clubs, and organizations dedicated to Fiestaware and the people that love it. I have joined a few of the groups and WOW some of the collections I have been lucky enough to get a peek at are impressive to say the least. Walls and walls of colorful pieces, everything HLC ever made Fiesta. After looking at so many wonderful collections I knew there was a difference between a collector and a user,as well as many different ways to collect and use. Some like me want all the colors with no more then 2 of any color,some only want 1 or 2 colors, while still others only want certain pieces from certain time periods, No matter how or what we collect we have one thing in common we LOVE our Fiestaware.
   They aren't just dishes they are a part of your life, just opening your cabinet doors can brighten even the dullest of days. 

 They make meals brighter and cheerier every time you use them. I have yet to meet a person who can resist picking their dinner seat by the color of the place setting.They give you memories as well. Setting the table can bring a smile to your face as you remember how Uncle Bud and brother Jim had a tug a war over the cobalt blue plate or how grandgirl said the first time she saw your lilac salad plate" Oh Grandmama that is my plate from now on" ( 5 years old and hooked on Fiesta). Yep not just dishes but a part of our life. 
A few of my flea market finds from this past summer
 I have been having so much fun searching for pieces to add to my dishes. Nothing thrills me more then snooping out the deal of the day. The better the deal the more it is my favorite.

Yep even for Christmas I have Fiesta front and center for all to see. 
  I'm hoping that this February for my Birthday Bill and I can take a weekend trip to WV and take the tour of the factory where Fiesta is made,as well as to do a little shopping at the factory itself. Yes it is official I am a disher and I have gone around the bend,and I like it.  


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  1. I agree collecting Fiestaware is totally adictive! We have a table for eight and service for 30 in all colors.