Saturday, January 4, 2014

Broken wing

I am down for the count so to speak. I have done something to my shoulder and I am having a very hard time lifting my arm, making so many things either hard to do or impossible to do like taking pictures. Yes that is right no photo taking for now and already I have missed some great moments that just begged me to pick up my camera. Typing one handed is slow going but working out okay.
  The only walk I got today was a walk out back with Madeline and the dogs. What a beautiful day even if it is COLD. Even Domino was shivering. It is days like this that make you appreciate your wood stove and the husband that spent all summer splitting wood.
    Tonight finds a party like atmosphere in our house. Football started at 4:00 pm and most importantly the Eagles play at 8:00 pm. It has been so long since Eagle fans had a chance to cheer for their team in a playoff game. In honor of this  monumental occasion Bill is cooking every thing he can think of. Baby back ribs, porter house steaks, sweet potatoes, beets, and I have no idea what else. Win or Lose we will certainly eat well tonight. Much better then the pizza and buffalo chicken cheese steak we had last night.
   As you see I really didn't have a blog planned for today, I just didn't want to let today be a blank page. Even with the intense pain I was dealing with this morning, I kept my non resolutions and got up and lived life. My shoulder has given me some relief and Madeline's antics as always keeps me entertained and brings a smile to my face.

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