Friday, January 3, 2014

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you find your self in a funk wallowing in self pity,alienating your friends all your friends life long and ones you have just met?
  What do you do if you have a friend that is doing this? What do you say? Do you just walk away? Do you try and help, or just sit next to them hoping soon they will get unstuck and find their way back to happiness?
 There is no correct answer, no easy fix, no cure all. You can tell yourself or your friend to snap out of it, that never seems to work. You can suggest walks, exercise, change the diet, change the scenery, and many other helpful sounding things but the truth is until what ever it is that has a grip on you or your friend lets go none of those helpful suggestions is going work. until you figure out just what it is that has a hold of you, what it is that is truly making you unhappy nothing is going to fix it, not a walk or an apple or even a pretty tree.
  I wrote this about 3 months ago, and set aside because it sounded so I don't know sad I guess. 
 Well I am getting off the couch and changing the scenery, and even exercising a little too. It is getting better little by little. I know why I went down into the deep hole of darkness and once I figured out how to deal with that a little ray of light beaming down my hole and every day the beam is getting bigger. One picture,one blog,one step at a time I am slowly climbing out of this funky hole and getting my happy self back. 

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