Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Snow and more Snow

Baby it is cold outside. I just love snow days it is like the world slows down and it is so quiet out. It snowed all night giving us a healthy 8 inches of white powder on the ground. I walked in the falling snow last night a favorite thing to do and this morning first thing I was out walking again. I took a few pictures but mostly I just walked and looked. As I was walking the sun was working it's way out and the sky was turning that beautiful blue that always happens after a good snow storm. The temperature is going to stay below freezing so the snow is actually going to last more then an hour. You can bet I will be back out taking pictures before the day is over.
The world in white

Candy Cane Lane

My favorite tree out back 

Christmas Trees decorated by nature.

Beautiful isn't it? The first snowy day in 2014. Snow is so much brighter and cheerier then rain, people are nicer when it snows then when it rains. This morning every single person that was out shoveling or slowly driving down the road waved, smiled, and even shouted out a happy hello here and there. I love love the idea of a snowy winter instead of the rainy winter we usually get.
    Yesterday before the snow I got a good long walk in and some pictures as well.

A pretty  picture in bricks

 Only a few photos because I was more interested in walking at a good pace and making it count. Each day I learn more and more about my new camera and every time I use it I am so happy I begged for it.
   One last item for today's blog and that is " What was for Dinner" Last night I made a faceless recipe that was a triple dog dare. It wasn't bad but really it wasn't good either. Bland and lifeless is how I describe it. I used homemade soup instead of canned and even that with a heavy seasoning to the pork chops it was still bland. Oh well at least it wasn't so bad we couldn't eat it.

  Mystery Pork Casserole
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