Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What was dinner 05/22/2012

Last nights dinner was an almost repeat of the previous nights dinner with the exception of what I am calling the taco cheese burger.
  I used the grill to make dinner even for heating up the left over beans and cooking the corn.As I said I love summer there is just something about the food in the summer that makes it extra good and enjoyable.
 For the burgers I mixed in an egg,salt,pepper,garlic and onion powder. While I was doing this I was thinking about all the different burgers you see on restaurant menus like a California burger and the blue cheese burger.(YUCK) Well I was just telling myself that a straight up cheese burger is what was on my menu when my hand of its own free will reaches out grabs a hand full of spices like cayenne pepper, chili powder and a few more. Before I could even think about it the spices are in my meat and I am making nice thick patties for the grill.
 I do believe I learned a lesson about burgers and grills. I believe a thinner burger cooks up better on the grill then a thicker burger. The thicker burgers shrunk up much more then thinner burgers seem to.They stayed thick just got smaller.
  The burgers were very good,the flavor of the spices I added was noticeable not overpowering. The mozzarella cheese, lettuce,tomato,and guacamole all worked together giving this burger its name.
           The Taco Cheese Burger!
    I just could not help myself,the burger looked and smelled so good I was drooling and unable to focus the camera,so I took a bite.                      

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