Thursday, May 24, 2012

What was Dinner 05/23/2012

Well the grill is getting a work out this week. It was Bill's turn to cook and he made his favorite dinner. BBQ ribs. By summers end I will be groaning every time I hear the word ribs. Bill makes a mean rib and everyone that has them raves about them,but the reason he makes a mean rib is because he practices, practices and practices all summer long.I can see my summer now ribs and chicken,at least the chicken won't be roasted.
 Last nights dinner was very tasty.Corn on the cob,ribs and a very nicely dressed potato salad. I really liked the salad and when I asked about the ingredients Bill gave me look and said with a little laugh "I don't know" it is one of those things that only happens once. Yes we can guess at the ingredients and get most of them right but it will never come out the same again.
As you may have already guessed I am not a rib fan,but I ask you who can refuse a meal that looks as good as this.

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