Monday, October 26, 2015

Comfort Food Redone.

 Good Morning! How was your weekend? Mine was packed full of fun. Little miss is always a joy, but after not seeing her for a month I really enjoyed this weekend. I put the computer, phone, and camera away and simply enjoyed every minute with her. My house looks it too; there are toys every where and many chores that where left undone still to do. I don't care not a little bit, the laughs,hugs,and kisses were worth the extra mess and effort it will take to get it all back in order. The above photo is from years ago and my first attempt at portraits, something I still struggle with today.
  Today I want to share a recipe with you that is so interchangeable that you can completely make this your own recipe. Thats exactly what I did; the ingredient list is my doing the idea and instruction are my friend Lynn's doing. She is an awesome cook and has more then 100 recipes posted on the recipe web site called Just A Pinch.
Lynn's recipes
   The original recipe or the first time I saw Lynn post a picture of this was a simple 3 or 4 ingredient recipe and it used only one pan and a cutting board. Quick and easy with very little mess.
 The 4 ingredients that never change are Sliced potatoes, Sliced onion red or white,  a pepper of your choosing , and cheese. I don't think the original recipe had cheese, I really can't remember. 
  Lynn layered the ingredients around in a circle in a cast iron pan drizzled it with oil and baked them until the potatoes were tender and slightly browned. 

  I tried the recipe just as Lynn had pictured it and we gobbled it down like we hadn't eaten in a week. The recipe stuck in a corner of my brain and just sat there for a week or two; until we invited friends over to see the new house and I made a ham for sandwiches. Even while everyone had 2 healthy sandwiches there was a lot of leftover ham. 
  Standing in the kitchen one morning shortly after our little gathering; trying to decide what to make for dinner a light bulb went on in my head and the potato circle bake popped right into view, and that is how the potato circle became potato Au gratin circle bake. Is it scalloped or Au gratin when you use cheese? This recipe has no cream or milk in it and is still warm and cheesey like a good comfort food should be. I personally think this way of making potato Au gratin is better tasting.

 You will need 
a cutting board
an oven safe skillet, size depending on how big you want it.
a sharp knife
a 400 degree oven
potatoes sliced ( bigger sized potatoes are best ) Depending on the size and how many people your serving I used 5 medium size and had leftover to use for something else.
 Left over ham cut into pieces a little smaller then your potato slices.
At least 2 Peppers, I used a green bell and a poblano cut into medium sized chunks.
1 large onion sliced into rounds
A handful of mushrooms sliced ( he likes mushrooms in everything)
Cheese I used block sharp cheddar cut into medium thick squares and sliced American divided into 4 squares ( use as much or as little as you like )
 Olive oil for drizzling about 2 tbs give or take.
   To begin layering drizzle a little oil into your pan and spread it around. Start with a potato slice propping it up slightly on the pan edge, next is the ham, the pepper, the onion, mushroom and then the cheese. Continue layering like that all around the pan until the bottom is completely covered. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Drizzle oil on top covering all the potatoes lightly. Place the pan in preheated oven and let bake until potatoes are tender and lightly browned, and most importantly the cheese is all melted. About an hour.

 Keeping the 3 original ingredients you can turn this idea into a dozen different delicious easy meals.
  Hope you try this and enjoy it as much as we did.

    Enjoy you Monday!


  1. Thanks for making and sharing my recipe, it is so versatile like you said, you can put almost anything in it!

    1. Your welcome, it was too good not to share. As I said your an awesome cook.