Monday, June 9, 2014

A Celebration Of Life & Dinner

 What a wonderful weekend. Fun, sun, and family, whats not to love.
  Saturday was just one big day of joy. I have 588 pictures to prove it. Relax I am not going to share them all, just a few of the best. I was so proud of the results and I had so much fun doing it. The shower or celebration it self was just beautiful. It took place at the parents of Landon's home, soon to be Landon's home. He is a very lucky little boy, his parents have provided him with an absolutely awesome home with lots of room and a big back yard to play in. We enjoyed our celebration in that big back yard. There was plenty of sun and shade everywhere, the grass was so soft and lush it practically invited me to remove my shoes. You know it took only a minute or two and I was barefoot happily wiggling my toes in that lush soft grass. I love summer and soft grass.
   I appointed myself the official photographer of the day and no one argued with me in fact people asked for pictures to be taken and they actually posed for me. I can't tell you how it made me feel. I could do that everyday easily.

   There was a huge pile of gifts for the happy family, creative, cute, useful gifts of all kinds. The home made gifts got lots of ohhs and ahhs , but the diapers, receiving blankets, and bath toys fashioned into a cute little sail boat stole the show.

 Don't get me wrong the gathering Saturday was not about the gifts, it was all about celebrating life. You could see it in the smiles feel it in the hugs and hear it in the conversation, and we all felt it when opening up the gifts Landon's Mommy broke down and cried while holding a statue of  new parents holding their new baby. Every single person there shed a tear with her. For us, at least me it was tears of joy because we were there and celebrating, so easily it could have been the other way and I am sure Mommy's tears were tears of relief because sooner then she thinks it won't be a statue of a family in her home, but her own sweet little family.

 As the party began to break up the family took a few minutes and posed together for some very fun group pictures. A great way to end a great gathering.

 When I got home I barely put my rear in my seat before I was loading the pictures on the computer. Yes I really did take 588 pictures and about 20 are not usable or fixable but all the rest are beautiful. A few need cropping and light adjustments but not many. I count this as a photography triumph. All smiles here.
  Sunday I took my computer to Landon's Gigi(grandmom) house where his aunts, Dziadzi, great Dziadzi, and great Uncle were waiting patiently to check out my 588 pictures. We hooked my computer to the TV and everyone was able to sit back comfortably and watch the pictures as they came across the screen. There were lots of oohs and ahhs as well as many happy comments.

 Once again I felt so good so proud.
  " What Was Dinner" I was hoping to have recipes for you, but I forgot to ask Lauren for them when I saw her yesterday. The food for the shower celebration was beyond good. Lauren is vegetarian and all the dishes she prepared were full of flavor and better then good for you.

 There was also a chicken salad that was prepared by someone else and I really want to find out that recipe. the chicken salad was so good and slightly different from the chicken salad I am use to. The other recipe I really really want is the one for the Quinoa salad. That was so good I went back for thirds of that. If you are looking for a quick and easy meatless sandwich to serve at a gathering that makes a statement of greatness. Try using fresh hard rolls and layer the roll with mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, and basil. I never would have thought of that and after eating one those very delicious sandwiches I never will forget it.

  Have a cheery Monday! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Love the feeling of accomplishment! Glad your doing great with your camera and a great post here! I'm interested in that chicken salad recipe and what it was that made you want it!

    1. Shelby the flavor was tangier and the bits of green made it so much prettier. I assume it was fresh Tarragon. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Without any further adieu, the link to the chicken recipe:

    1. C Oley thank you. I was pretty sure you made the salad but wasn't positive. It really was very good. Now if I could get your lovely daughters recipe for the Quinao salad, I would be a happy camper. Well happier anyway.