Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today We Celebrate & Dinner

 Well I have continued to battle with this thing what ever it is. We are still pretty convinced it is food poisoning. Whatever it is it is tenacious and wants to hang with me. This means I have done next to nothing all week. Thank goodness it rained a few times this week. All my seedlings are now actually begging to be put in the ground.
  Thursday was a complete wash and I was once again bed bound most of the day  but Friday found me feeling good enough to at last get my sewing machine down out of the attic and dust it off. Not a moment to soon because I had things to make I needed for Saturday,( today )
   Today I get the pleasure of helping to celebrate the birth of Landon. What was to be a baby shower for Landon has turned into a very grateful and happy celebration for him and his parents. Landon was born 10 weeks early Memorial day weekend. With some serious ups and downs for both Baby and Mom we all held our breaths and waited, with prayers and good wishes being the only help and comfort we could offer. Well almost two weeks have passed and Mom is strong healthy and happy, Landon is truly a miracle baby, he fought a hard fight and now is gaining weight getting stronger and becoming aware of the world around him. So today we celebrate and give thanks for the newest bundle of joy to be born into the family. It is going to be a pleasure to watch my friends( cousins) enjoy all the fun and love you get to experience being Grandparents.
   This celebration of life is the reason for my sewing machine coming out of the attic. I spent all day Friday and I do mean all day making a romper that if I did it right will fit Landon now and a teddy bear when Landon out grows it. Who knew something that small could require that much time. I also made a stuffed animal to match. So cute.

 The stroller blanket I bought. I don't have the talent to do that. Well I may have the talent I just don't have the knowledge.
 " What Was Dinner " Dinner has been a little informal the past few days as you may imagine.

 One day this week we had  artichokes with dinner and as I was trimming my artichoke I had to smile as I thought of Baking Nana and the video she made showing how to trim an artichoke. I needed that video believe it or not. We love artichokes, truthfully whats not to love about a vegetable you dip in butter to eat. Any way when ever the price is right and they look good we get artichokes and have a butter feast. It has been about a year since we had our last artichoke.So when the first one of the season came in the house, one which I tried to clean without trimming, I was happy to see Baking Nana's video on line it reminded me exactly how to trim and clean my artichoke. 
Baking Nana's how to trim an artichoke

  Time to get ready for a happy celebration of life and all the joy it can give.
  Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Thank You! Now I want artichokes! Stay well!

  2. I used to eat artichokes with my grandmother all the time. I have good memories of that. She raised me. They are so healthy too!

    1. I love the memories I have of my grandma and being in her kitchen. Healthy until you stick them in a pound of melted butter. LOL I never had a artichoke until I was an adult.

  3. I love artichokes! So sorry to hear about the early birth, but glad all is well. We have a few friends celebrating early births this month too.. something in the air?

    1. Artichokes you eat them soaked in butter what is not to love :) ;) Little Landon is nearly 4 lbs and getting stronger everyday.