Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Part 2 & My Recipe Revealed

 The weekend was a long one and like last weekend I just couldn't fit it all in one blog post. Also like last week it is just as well because I am so busy playing in the garden I don't get much time for picture taking. That is perfectly okay because I got a bundle or two over the weekend. 
  I am noticing that more of my pictures are good rather then bad or just okay and I want to use them all. I take more pictures now as well,not sure why but I snap the shutter a lot faster and with more steady assurance then even a month ago. The results is I have loads of pictures I want to share. Sometimes I feel like that proud parent with the flip out wallet and a photo strip longer than they are tall. I do my best to keep it in control.
  Saturday was a day to ourselves with Madeline not coming until Sunday, so I got up early and took a ride with Dziadzi. He needed bee boxes. The place we had to go to was about an hour away. The hours at the bee farm were very short this particular Saturday so we took the quick and boring route to get there. I was planning to take pictures at the farm but I wasn't able to get out of the car because of the amount of bees flying around. I am allergic to bees. I give them a wide berth and let them be. For the most part they don't bother me but the sheer number of bees outside my car door had me intimidated. After we got the boxes we found a diner had a good hearty breakfast, and then set out on the back roads to get lost. Dziadzi is not the type of guy to stop for picture ops so I didn't get an over abundance of pictures but I got enough and I liked what I got. A flower or two and a pit stop at a state park gave me a shot I didn't even know was there.

Thanks to the canoes coming in sending the lone duck flying I got lucky.
  Saturday afternoon I had to run to the grocery store for last minute what have yous. I go no where with out my camera now even the grocery store, and this is why.

 I never knew the  lake was there even though I drive by it almost daily. Until someone rear ended me a year ago and almost sent me into that lake, then I knew it was there. As I was driving by Saturday I noticed something flying in and out of the water. He was hard to capture but after a lot of fussing I got the Great Blue Heron.

 The White crane is the bird that taught me to take my camera every where. I got the shot with my phone, can't help but wonder what I would have gotten if I had my camera with me. As I traveled on I went behind the collage taking a pretty little short cut and there in the reeds playing and eating were a group of Red Wing Black Birds. I just had to stop.

 I was at first using my 55mm lens but quickly realized I needed more zoom then that. To bad I didn't change my lens at the lake. I am sure it would have made a difference. 
  Back from the grocery store I decide it is time to turn the Strawberries I picked Friday into jam.

 This time it worked the jam set and is delicious. I like the syrup too but I really wanted jam. Now I have jam.

  Monday we literally sat on the back porch and watched the Peonies open up.

  " What Was Dinner"  Do you remember a month or so back when I was working with Avocados from Mexico? Well at long last we can reveal our recipe creations. The Allstars like me that submitted a recipe won't know until the first of June what recipes were selected to be featured by Avocados from Mexico, but we can now share our recipes.

I stuffed my Avocados with taco seasoned ground beef and topped it with all kinds of goodness.
Taco stuffed avocados
ground meat
chopped onion 
minced garlic
chili powder
ground cumin
cayenne pepper or Ancho chili pepper( less heat)
TBS brown sugar ( 2 pinches )
1/4 cup water
a dash or 2 of red wine.
brown meat and crumble, add seasonings water and wine cook uncovered until liquid is completely cooked down.
2 med to large avocado's halved and seeded,scoop out meat leaving an inch layer in the shell 
chopped onion
garlic peeled and chopped
In a blender or food processor blend avocado meat,onion, garlic and a splash of lemon juice.  
1 small tomato seeded and chopped
Dash of hot sauce to taste
Shredded cheddar cheese
sour cream or Greek yogurt
Top any way you like and enjoy!
 I have since tried it with other meats like ground turkey, shredded beef all taco seasoned. It is all good.

   Happy Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by.


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