Monday, May 26, 2014

Madeline, Flowers, More Madeline, My Garden & Dinner

 Tardy tardy I know and I still have plants to water and a hair cut to give. Well the evening is still young and the light will last a little while longer, or I will get it done tomorrow. Hanging with Madeline was more important today for me.
 Here is what we did this morning instead of Grandmama writing her blog. I will let the pictures tell the story of what a fun morning we had.

   I didn't get Madeline until Sunday afternoon so I was trying to pack a lot into a little bit of time. Our first stop was a field of wild flowers and a photo op. I have some pretty pictures I am not sharing just yet, saving them for future projects. I do have a few to share. 

All the flowers you see here are in a field behind the local collage. The field grows every year and every year I say I want pictures of that, this year I have a few. Just to reassure everyone we didn't walk into the field we stayed on the edge keeping the flowers safe. After the wild flowers we headed to Specca's farm so Madeline could pick strawberries for her Mom. Madeline enjoyed and was a smash hit with her styling ways.

 The boots were the smartest idea I had because the field was still a muddy mess in places from the rain earlier in the week. To bad Grandmama wasn't as brilliant about bringing her own rain boots. After all that hard work picking berries we had a good lunch and some ICE CREAM with M&M'S. Happy girl.

  Sunday Rich & Connie joined us for grillin and chillin while Madeline showed us her fancy soccer moves. 

 She is going to try out soccer this year and she is very excited about it. 
  During all this excitement and fun I did manage to stake my tomato plants and give them their weekly feeding. The cherry bombs already have flowers. I am so proud of myself, the garden looks good and is truly growing row by row. In fact Dziadzi is enlarging the garden for me. :)

 This was one lonely cloud in the sky Sunday and I just had to take his picture. Weather wise we couldn't have asked for a better day.

  " What Was Dinner " When we grill and chill we really do and dinner was simple easy and delicious. 

There is nothing like prime rib on the grill with fresh pick asparagus also cooked on the grill in foil. The chicken wings were cooked to a crunchy perfection making an excellent go along to our simple dinner.

  Happy Memorial day to you! Thank you to those who served our country, and thank you to the families that made the ultimate sacrifice of a loved one. Thank you for stopping by. 

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