Monday, April 21, 2014

Bowser Sitting for Easter, The winner,& Food !

 Bowser was too much fun and a photo opportunity  not to be missed this past weekend, but we were happy to see him go home. Puppies are babies and require all our attention every waking second.
I finally got the picture I was after.

 I remember those days with Madeline we would enjoy each and every minute she was here, but when her parents would pick her up our butts went down and our feet went up.

 Same thing with Bowser and before 10 minutes had past we were talking about when he would be back again.

  The WINNER of my little contest by a vote of 33 to 25 is the ( Drum roll ) Animal Welfare Association.

The mason jar of change totaled 74.74, I added 1.01 to get 75.75 and with the bills and lottery ticket that makes a grand total of 83 dollars & 75 cents that AWA can use where ever they need it.

I will deliver the prize tomorrow afternoon. By then I'm sure I will find 1 more quarter maybe even a dollar to round it out to 85.00. Not to shabby for picking up change off the ground and out of the washing machine.  I hope it helps. If you are thinking of adopting remember the AWA and the wonderful work they do to match the perfect paw baby to the perfect human. Also PLEASE check out this sweet little girl Jodi.

 She looks so fun and so ready to go home.
   I took the camera to dinner yesterday at Rita's. As you may already know I am not happy with my people and party picture taking skills. Well the beginning of dinner was not much different I was lucking into good photos but mostly not.

 I wanted candid natural looking photos instead of posed ones so some shots I would only get one chance and as always when in the house I get more blur then anything. While standing there trying to take a nice picture of our 90 year old Uncle Al, cousin Eric who was missing his camera was watching me and listening to my camera. Yes I said listening. He say's that sounds like it is at 1/ 10 or 15  I take a look and yep he is right. He suggest I use the flash, I explain I am trying to learn to do this with out a flash in all kinds of lighting and I don't mention I am sure I would manage to get back flash from a wall mirror a little off to the side. He being a good photographer himself with a clear understanding of cameras tells me with the setting I need to use to let the light in I am more likely to get blurry pictures. I ask about using the ISO as well and he says yes if you have that high enough it should give better results. I look down and sure enough I have my ISO at a low setting. I upped that and snapped one more shot of Uncle Al.

 It was perfect not even a hint of blur or fuzziness. Thanks to Cousin Eric the rest of my picture taking day went a lot better.

 Not only did we celebrate Easter at Rita's lovely table.

 We celebrated 3 birthdays, Uncle Al 90, Rita 51, and Nephew Stu 24,. 

Uncle Al did the neatest thing with the numbers of all the ages, he was born in 24, graduated in 51, and is 90. Way to keep a sharp Mind Uncle Al.
   " What Was Dinner "  Dinner was delicious with ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, string beans, kielbasa and kraut, breads, rolls and so much more. No one walked a way hungry that is for sure. I was so excited to see mashed potatoes you just don't know. I enjoyed and didn't over do. No pictures of the food I like everyone else was way to busy eating. 
  I have no picture for this but I made a dish this past week that I will do over many times I am sure. Take your favorite scalloped potato recipe without cheese, sub out the white potato for a sweet potato and beef or chicken broth for the milk or cream add your left over ham in chunks or slices bake and serve. There will be no left overs so if you are inclined to photo your food take the picture first.
 Now you know I can't leave you with out a food photo or 2 and today is no different.

 I not only worked with Johnsonville this month I also was lucky enough to be pick to work with Avocado's from Mexico. I love avocados to begin with so this like JV was an exciting and tasty activity I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into. 1 I had to create a recipe using an Avocado. I did that but can't share it just yet. You know when I can I will. 2 I was assigned a recipe on Allrecipes  to make, rate, review, and photograph. So far I have made this recipe 3 times. It has many uses and is a tasty dip and disappears almost to fast to get a picture. 
Avocado Aioli
This last batch I went a little heavy on the garlic making it a bit spicier and even that almost didn't make it to picture time.  The Avocado adds to the flavor and  makes the aioli so much creamier then mayonnaise. The longer it sits the more the garlic comes through. The addition of basil to me a basil lover is just genius. This recipe is as delicious with roast beef as with a steak tostadas. Very versatile and you can adjust the amount of garlic to suit you and your family's taste. I served it with a grilled steak, roast beef, and steak tostadas. I saved an entire plate of the tostadas for a photo the next day, and when I heard Bill making breakfast my feet couldn't carry me fast enough into the kitchen where I skidded to a stop just in time to save my Aioli.

    Have a lovely Easter Monday! Thank you for stopping by.

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