Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Turkey Tuesday Has Begun

That is right I said Turkey Tuesday.I along with a few other Allstars have been challenged with making Turkey on Tuesdays in the Month of September using Butterball products. Then to share our experience with you our friends and family and anyone else that happens to read our blogs. Well it sounded like fun to me. Writing blogs I enjoy that, trying new recipes I love that, and I grew up with the name Butterball, so I took the challenge with real enthusiasm 
and eagerness. 
  So yesterday I picked my recipes for the month and the one I wanted for last night and off to the store I go. Keep in mind I don't do the food shopping in my house so I am impressed with myself that I even thought to look at labels walk around and compare, I did however look at the labels and that is when for a moment the wind was knocked out of my sails and I was wondering how was I going to do this challenge.
 You see the first recipe I wanted to try was a turkey burger that sounded beyond good. The recipe called for Butterball Frozen seasoned Turkey burgers. I found the product easy enough and with the aid of my glasses and knowledge learned from Baking Nana I found every thing I needed to know on the label.
Butterball burger info
  After reading that label I was torn and disappointed and not exactly sure what to do. First and foremost to help mom stay out of the hospital she is on a strict diet and everything on that label was pretty much bad for her, Bill is also on a low fat low salt diet(well he tries to be) so it was with a heavy heart I put the package in my cart. I then went off to see what the other products that I picked for this month would be like. I was dragging my feet pretty sure that I had challenged myself into a corner and that I was going to be making 2 different dinners on Tuesdays. Lucky for me not so. Where the turkey burgers were the highest sodium and fat of all the brands my store carries that did not hold true else where. The sausage products while high in sodium were still the lowest of all brands available, lunch meat as well the lowest of all brands available. The fresh ground meat offered in both all white meat a recognized heart healthy meat, and a mix of white and dark meat. Both low fat and low sodium.
  When I found the ground meat I put the frozen burgers back with a smile on my face because I felt like I was going to have my cake and eat it too.
  I will share the recipe and my photo shortly but first I want to tell you just how good the burger was. I photoed before we ate knowing while I was putting this dinner together there would be no leftovers.
 Yep that is what I am talking about! This is a must try recipe. The Chili mayo and the pineapple put this sandwich over the top in flavor and pizzazz. I did not do this but for you bacon lovers out there I am thinking it would be the perfect combo. Turkey bacon would keep it healthy even.
 I couldn't find a straight up chili sauce but I found this Chipotle sauce and well that is a chili right? It was smokey with just the lightest kick to it. I loved it enough to eat it by the spoonful. Sorry for the blurry picture I am about to post but I liked this sauce so much I wanted to share it with you. So I quick like a bunny took the picture just now.
 Now for the link to this amazing Turkey Burger.
Hawaiian Turkey Burger
 As dinner for the family, or as an addition to your BBQ I promise you this burger will be the hit of the parade.
 If you would like to play along and enjoy Turkey Tuesdays with me here are a few other recipes I am going to try this month.
Sausage Mac&Cheese
This salad looks pretty good. I am not a fan of olives even still this looks like something my family will enjoy.
Turkey Salad
You just cant have a month of turkey without making a "Turkey Dinner"
Maple basted Turkey
And maybe this one only using hot sausage from butter ball.
Sausage Frittata
 So here's hoping you all have a gobbling good week!

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  1. Can't wait to see how they all turn out for you! Your turkey burgers look great!