Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cooking & Me

If you asked Billy(my son) or Jim(Billy's Dad) if I can cook they would both laugh and say NO. When Billy was little I cooked all the time. In fact it was a baked pork chop with rice and cream of mushroom soup that propelled Jim to propose. By the time Billy hit his teens he locked his self in his room and didn't come out until the Caterpillar turned into a butterfly. Jim was working hard to provide a good life for us all and not always home. With all of this going on around me and no one home to eat my meals I quit cooking. More then a few years went by with my kitchen going unused and  gathering cobwebs and dust.  Billy's face was priceless when one night many years later we are sitting eating a delicious dinner of green beans, rice, and Chicken breast baked in a pecan crust, and he says to Bill "good  dinner thank you", and Bill answered "I didn't make this your mom did". I fell out of my chair laughing so hard when I heard this response "My Mom can't cook" 

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