Friday, June 15, 2012

What Was New at Dinner 06/14/2012

I won't be repeating this recipe again. I may try another recipe for this dish but not this one.
 Again I stood over the stove stirring and stirring and stirring waiting for a sauce to thicken that never really did thicken the way I thought it should.Almost an hour of prep and pre cooking then another hour in the oven. Way more time then the dinner was worth.
  I tried a recipe for Macaroni Bechamel with ground beef.The recipe looked liked something we would like and a nice variation of Mac and Cheese.
 The way the recipe reads you think it will be a 1/2 an hour or less of prep time to brown the beef,pulse the tomatoes,boil the pasta and make the bechamel sauce.(Once again I am caught thinking.) The directions say to continue cooking stirring almost constantly until sauce is fairly thick. I realized to late that 8 cups of liquid will not get fairly thick with only 6 tbsp of flour.Once I realized I was stirring, stirring, stirring for nothing I settled for the thickness I had achieved and continued on with the recipe. I did add the nutmeg that was optional and Bill is still complaining about that this morning.It was some what over powering. As I read on I couldn't help but wonder how any one made this recipe as written didn't end up with scrambled eggs in the sauce because the directions have you adding the egg to the almost boiling sauce with out first adding some sauce to the egg.I will say it again I may try this dish again but I will find another recipe for it.One with better directions.
This was such a pretty dish when it came out of the oven all golden brown and creamy looking.It was so disappointing when I took my first bite and it was just okay.With all the work and effort and as pretty as it looked I expected it to taste great or at the very least good.

           Nothing special just okay!   

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