Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Was Dinner 05/10/2012

We were once again going to have chicken leg quarters. My freezer is full of them. Every time they go on sale for .49 a pound my husband buys the extra large economy family pack for the 2 of us. We divide meat into dinner size packs and freeze them.
   I spent most of the day with that chicken at the back of my mind thinking of something different to do with the legs.There is really only so many ways you can cook chicken legs and I have pretty much worn out roasted chicken. Thoughts of Mexican food kept banging into the chicken at the back of my mind.
  Thinking I was going to boil the legs and then shred them into some sort of  amazing creation I walk into the kitchen.Sitting on the counter shinning all bright and beautiful is the best idea I had all day.
   I laid out a large piece of foil and placed my chicken leg on it. I added mushrooms and large onion slices,I seasoned with butter,salt,pepper,onion powder,garlic powder,cumin,cardamom,red curry powder and fresh lime juice. I laid lime slices on and around the meat. I folded the foil up into an air tight packet placed the packet on a backing sheet and placed it all in a 425 degree oven. I let it cook for 45 minutes.After letting it set for another 15 minutes I very carefully open the foil,the aroma is so tantalizingly good bringing my husband into the kitchen in hopes of snagging a taste. 
   Keeping with the Mexican flare of the chicken I use the avocado sitting on the counter next to the foil,a nice ripe plum tomato,and cottage cheese for our salad. How is that Mexican you ask. Well just look at the colors on my plate.
  The colors of Mexico and very tasty as well.
    I have never made re fried beans I normally just grab a can. Not having any on hand I give it a shot thinking how hard can it be. Well if you don't know what your doing it aint easy . I was concentrating so hard on the beans I let the rice over cook. I never got the beans to look like re fried beans but I came up with was very good at dinner and even better as lunch on Friday.
   As I said I over cooked the rice so there was no rice with dinner and truthfully we didn't even notice. Our plates were full of flavor, color and tantalizing aromas.There was very little conversation during dinner but it certainly  wasn't quiet with all our lip smacking and moans of pleasure.
    This meal is going in my files under the heading Comfort Food,do it again and again and again.                                                                                                                

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