Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby Its Cold Outside

 We got snow earlier this week and I have spent my spare time walking here and there with my camera. Today is just too cold to step outside let alone walk, a perfect time to share my treasure of photos. 
  I don't have to walk to get pictures of birds, my back porch and the bird feeder afford me plenty of chances to enjoy the silly antics of all types of birds. 

I do luck out sometimes while walking and catch a bird or two flying by me. The robin in the tree was an awesome catch. He let me walk right up to him and take a 1/2 a dozen shots before he flew away. No zoom lens used. 

 The Christmas trees out back are always a favorite for me. I love walking through them as much as photographing them.

 Choosing what to share here  today was difficult, I truly wanted to share all  my treasure chest of pictures.

Winter can be such a beautiful time of year. There is something magical about snow,flakes so small and delicate they melt on the tip of your nose, yet they can bury a city in the blink of an eye. Beautiful and dangerous all in one. 

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