Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Barns Part 3

 My car thermometer said external temp 17. I didn't let that stop me, I put on my extra warm coat and all the regalia that goes with it and just started driving. I had a direction but no clue if I would find any barns. Just as I was starting to over heat and give up hope, The first of many barns smacked me right in the face.
  This barn is red and beautiful and not at all abandoned. There was no safe place to park on the side of the road so I had to go up the driveway. When I do that I look for someone and ask permission, I didn't have to look far this was a very busy farm, the cold weather wasn't slowing this farm down at all. In fact they were so busy that when I met the owner she never stopped walking and wasted no words, simply said help yourself and went back about her business. I couldn't resist at least one picture of the fowl running free all over the place.

  The cold was bitter and I was happy for the warm car to climb back into after a very satisfying work out with the camera. If I didn't see another barn that day I would have been happy. I did however see another barn or two. This one is tucked far back off the road and the only way I was able to even get a peek at it was to get real low to the ground below all the tree branches. The two silos are what caught my attention otherwise I may have not even seen this barn.

   I have to say not knowing your left from your right sometimes pays off. A wrong turn revels another red barn I would have totally missed. Unfortunately to get a picture I had to go on the edge of the property, and there didn't seem to be anyone around to ask, so I just took one quick picture and was on my way. 

  Happy but cold I decide it is time to head home. Heading down the usual road for home I glance to my right and see a pretty little red barn just calling my name. The barn is on another road that will also take me home  so it was no big deal to make a U- turn and back track a block or so to get back to the other road. I think this has to be one of my favorite barns yet. There is something warm and non threatening about this barn. Pretty is exactly the right word to describe this barn.

  This last barn I have photographed from every angle. The second time I pictured it I thought it was a new barn for me, and had to laugh out loud when I pulled around the corner and realized it was the same barn just a different angle. 

 Just one more, this barn isn't red I know. I am being encouraged to photograph barns of any color, so much so that this was the landmark used to direct me towards the treasure trove of barns you see today. 

  Snow is falling pretty good here today and the cold temperatures are reportedly going to hang around for a bit so I see another road trip with barn hunting as my main focus coming very very soon.

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