Saturday, January 10, 2015


     It is cold here. Real winter cold. As I sit here in front of the fire wishing I didn't have to go outdoors today I find myself remembering and dreaming. Remembering a white sandy beach with water so blue and warm, if it weren't for the fish swimming around your feet you would think you were in a pool. Remembering the bright warm sunshine on my face and the gentle lapping of the surf lulling me ever so sweetly to sleep.

Dreaming I was once again sitting on that beach enjoying the sun on my face and the warm water on my toes. Like the song says " Toes in the water ass in the sand and a beer in my hand " Well except the beer at this moment in time that is what I am dreaming of.

Sitting on the desk in the dinning room is a photo of me and the hubby looking all happy and tan playing at the waters edge with the sun going down behind us, I just keep pointing at it and ask can we go back there now. It is a pretty good dream to have in the middle of a cold snap. Dreaming of the warm lazy days of vacation helps warm me up and reminds me that in a few short months I will once again be sitting in the soft white sand enjoying the warm sunshine on my face while I dangle my toes in the bluest water I have ever seen.
For now I will just have to bundle up and keep dreaming.

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