Monday, January 12, 2015

My little drummer girl


I know a little girl named Madeline. Madeline isn't just beautiful she is smart, energetic, engaging, and full of life. We spend many weekends together doing all kinds of interesting and fun things. This past weekend was no different. 

Saturday afternoon  when I picked Madeline up from dance class it was bitterly cold, we were not going to be able to play outside that was for sure. It was so cold Madeline didn't even ask to play in the playground outside of dance class, and she always asks.  We headed for the car playing on the small ice patches as we went. We both had red noses and frosty breath as we got in the car but it didn't matter we were still laughing at some silly joke she had just told. Singing along with the radio we head for Wendy's and lunch. Madeline must work up a real appetite in dance class because she ate all of her lunch and asked for more. After lunch we headed for the local mall and that is where the real fun begins.
   Once we were in the door and our coats were unzipped I let Madeline pick the direction we would start off in. She took us right to the jewelry counter where we explored to our hearts content. With the sale going on and the block buster savings on top of that we both walked out of that store sporting some new jewelry. Madeline had people stopping to watch as we made our way down the malls midway. She doesn't walk she dances, she dances and talks the entire time. Even with all that activity going on she doesn't miss a single jewelry store and we had to stop at them all. Our noses pressed up against the glass looking at al the pretty sparkling temptation nestled in their cases. The sales people would smile and leave us to our looking but not before Madeline would introduce herself and tell them one interesting tidbit or another. It didn't matter what she said they all would walk away smiling if not out right laughing. Madeline even gave one of the sales ladies her sticker from dance class because( and I Love this) The sales lady was so helpful to us and no one ever helps the sales people so Madeline wanted to be extra nice to the lady. 
  It took us almost 3 hours to go from one end of the mall to the other. Some of the best spent 3 hours ever. I have to say the half hour or so that we spent in the music store is my favorite part of those 3 hours. Madeline played the piano for a minute or two, saw a pink Acoustic guitar that she just had to pick up and strum. I wasn't able to hold back a laugh when Madeline pointed out that it had more stings on it than the guitar she has at my house. The real fun came when we found the drumming room. The cashier in that area found a perfect set of drum sticks for Madeline and she was banging away like a champ. 

She may not know how to play the drums yet but she has style and a beat. What she was banging out didn't sound bad at all. 

 On our way out of the store Madeline spotted the horn section and wanted to try that too. The young man behind the counter was very nice  and even encouraging as he explained that you need to be a little older to play most horns. Madeline was disappointed but understood.
 After we left the music store and had a snack we headed back to the starting point with Madeline dancing and sing all the way. She only stopped long enough to check out Game Stop. An absolute must go in and look store for her. 
 I saw it as soon as we got in the car Madeline would be a sleep before I got out of the parking lot. She made it a little farther than the parking lot, just not much farther.


  1. Great read Joey, just as if I was with you two.

    1. I keep forgetting to use the reply toggle. :)

  2. Thank you. You know I love talking about that little girl. Glad you come along with us.