Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Random Thoughts & A Few Interesting Links!

 Happy Wednesday!
   It snowed the first snow yesterday, not much just an inch or so, enough to make me happy. It stayed cold in fact got a little colder so the snow is still on the ground this morning and the sun is shinning bright making every thing sparkle. My favorite kind of winter day. To bad I have so much to do today or I would put on my snow pants and industrial winter coat and take a long walk in the sun with my camera. I will have to be satisfied with the short walk out back and pictures of our lovely Christmas tree garden.

 I think they are just so beautiful with fresh snow sitting on the branches.
     Do you like Prime Rib? Do you have a favorite way to prepare it? I do. Thanks to the magazine Allrecipes I have a favorite way to prepare Prime Rib. The first magazine we got came with 2 copies not sure why but it did. One evening when our friends were visiting we sat around checking out the magazine. The guys right away hit on an article about preparing Prime Rib, it was interesting and caught their attention right away. We were planning a holiday get together and decided we would have Prime Rib ( always on sale at that time of year) and try this method out. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare and tender enough to be cut with a butter knife. That was a year ago , now it is the only way I prepare this cut of meat. It is so easy, effortless actually. 
 Start by seasoning the meat any way you want and bringing the meat to room temperature. Preheat the oven to 550. In a heavy skillet or baking dish stand the rib up bone side down. To prop the roast up I use bulbs of garlic on each side with an onion cut in half as well. Cut the tops off the bulbs of garlic before cooking and you have fragrant sweet tasting roasted garlic to serve with the meat. Once the oven is heated place the pan in the oven close the door and set the timer. Smaller roast a pound to two 10 - 12 minutes, Med roast 15- 17 minutes a large roast no longer than 20 minutes. When the timer goes off shut the oven off and let it set UNOPENED for 1 1/2 hours.
 I was so uncertain the first time I tried this method, I have to say I am happy I did. It takes all the pressure off my shoulders and makes hosting a dinner party much easier. 
  I took a workshop you may remember  called Photo 101. I learned a great deal in that work shop. The most important thing I learned was the way I was taking pictures would end up with most of them being grainy if I had them developed any bigger then 4+6. I have been taking pretty pictures but the quality of a actual print wouldn't be as pretty as what we see on our screens. I listened took everyones advice and set my settings where there would be clarity and quality in print. Only  I wasn't taking any thing worth printing. Everything was always slightly blurred. It was because at the setting I was being advised to use the shutter speed was so slow and I would sway every so slightly before  the shutter would click. Computer class and my trainer saved the day. He played with my camera and showed me a few things. I went home and tried again and still was getting photos like this 

and this. 

Then just when I was about to put the camera away for a minute. It hit me I needed to change one more setting. I changed the setting and went back outside and tried again and I got this 

and this

 and this.

Back in the saddle again. At least outdoors anyway indoors is still giving me a hard time. I will eventually figure that out too.
  There was no writing assignment today. Today was for getting to know fellow bloggers. Well I follow more then a few on Word Press. Some write thought provoking articles and some have the most amazing photographs, while others are interesting because they are on the other side of the world. Whatever the reason I enjoy reading them. I thought maybe you would too and decided to share a link or two with you. 
The first link is for a lady that like to inspire people. I like her photographs and editing abilities. 
   This one is such fun. Her tag line says it all Girl with a camera ready for adventure.
    I like traveling and I like pictures this next blog link is alway enjoyable to read.
   One last link, there are many more good reads out there but I have to stop somewhere. This beautiful blog of poetry and photos is the perfect spot to stop.

                  Thank you for stopping by!

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