Thursday, October 9, 2014

Autumn With Madeline

 Vacation is over and with it are gone the warm balmy days and sultry nights. Cool crisp sunny days and chilly nights have taken their place. Autumn one of the best season to enjoy. I say that about every season I can't help it I really do enjoy them all. I love watching the change from one season to the next. Fall really is a favorite though, the colors and the aroma in the air there is just something about it. I don't know but I love it. Fall is festive, fall is harvest, and fall is a grand time with Madeline.
  Sunday was a perfect Autumn day. The sun was shinning, skies clear and as blue as could be, it was crisp but not chilly at all, the perfect day to pick pumpkins. Madeline woke up just itching to go and it was a real effort to hold her back until the sun came up at least. After getting her properly dressed in long pants and sleeves, along with her rain boots and garden gloves, we headed out the back door to find Dzia Dzi. We found him waiting for us at the wood pile. Madeline climbs in the truck with Dzia and off they go to her pumpkin patch. Every pumpkin in the patch is hers and she knows it. She has them counted and inventoried. She knows exactly where each one is growing and it's size.With her super power hero rain boots on she can walk in the weeds and not worry about the weeds touching her and the extra strong garden gloves allow her to pick things up that may have a bit of dirt on them.

 She is after all a city girl and things like weeds, dirt, and bugs are not things that should be played with. She and Dzia made quick work of picking the pumpkins and getting them in to the truck. It is like watching an easter egg hunt only you find pumpkins instead.

Dzia made her do it!

 The pumpkins all picked and taken up front it is now time to decorate.

 Madeline is a great helper and she absolutely loves decorating for the holidays. She is my helper for every holiday and she tells me too. " Grandmama don't decorate until I am here." Or I hear " Are you going to get the decorations out, are we going to decorate?" I am getting a kick out of the " Ohhhhhh I remember this." and " Oh I remember this goes here." " This is new Grandmama. Where did you get it?" It pulls at my heart just a little that not only does she want to hang with Grandmama and decorate she also seems to cherish my little nick nacs and decorations even scary Halloween ones.

 Once the front yard was to her liking we headed indoors for a well deserved rest and some football. There was no resting for the weary, Dzia needed a helper to stuff his pepper poppers. Pumpkins aren't the only thing to get harvested in the Autumn. She ate as much as she stuffed. I kept hearing " No don't eat it." followed by a giggle or two. She left enough that the peppers got stuffed

 and Dzia says she is the best prosciutto cheese wrapper he has ever seen.
 All too soon the sun was going down and it was time for Madeline to go home. Always a sad moment for me, but then I think I will see her again very soon and I smile once more.

 Have a terrific Thursday! Thank you for stopping by.     

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