Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clouds & Dinner

 Welcome to Wednesday. Murphy's law has finally left my side and life is settling down to normal. Monday was grooming day for Getty and because a single flea was found on him the rest of this week has been all about flea removal and prevention. Bedding, curtains, and chair covers had to be washed and dried. Floors had to be vacuumed and scrubbed then sprayed, the basement bombed. Dots were applied to Domino then the 36 hour wait for his bath and brushing. That happened today. I am happy to say it looks as if I have won the battle. A few days will tell us if I won the war.
  As you may imagine with all the flea fighting going on I really haven't been walking with my camera. I did however take a minute or two to go out back Monday evening with my camera. The clouds were amazing they looked so fluffy and full. The lighting of the sun behind the clouds was heavenly. I call clouds like that Gods light.

 I hope my photos convey to you what I saw and felt as I stood there admiring the evening sky.
 " What Was Dinner "  You know I am always saying we are grilling fools in the summer. It is true but I do use the word we loosely because mostly the Hubby does the grilling. That is not the case this year. For some reason I have been the grilling queen this season. That is okay in fact it has been fun and I have been learning things as I go along. Take pork chops for instance.

 A perfectly cooked pork chop tops my list of favorite meat. I tend to over cook the chops on the grill drying them out and making them chewy. I was determined the other day to get it right. I planned my entire dinner around the cooking time for the chops. I heated my grill to 650 degrees. I have learned that my heat is hottest along the center of my grill front to back. I placed my seasoned chops along the hottest area of the grill and set the timer for 15 minutes.

 Cooking with the lid closed I kept an eye on the chops to make sure I wasn't burning the meat, but I didn't touch it. When the timer went off I flipped the chops and set the timer for 10 minutes. Again not touching but keeping an eye on the grill. When the timer went off I rearranged the meat to try and get nice diamond grill marks. I turned off the gas closed the lid and set the timer for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes expired I immediately remove the meat and let it sit another 5 minutes.

 I will from now on use a timer and the hottest spot on the grill.The chops were full of flavor, juicy, very tender and most importantly fully cooked. I like steak on the pink side but not my pork.

 You have heard the expression " a dog and its bone" Well that was us as we happily gnawed on the bones making sure we got every last delicious bite.
 Happy Wednesday everyone! Thank you for stopping by.  

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