Thursday, February 6, 2014

Up Early and a 3 Way Tie

 good morning, a very early post for me I know. I can't sleep and I have a three way tie going on the Snow Creations.
    In my last post I posted 6 pictures of things children had made during the last snow day. It has been to date my most read post and one of my most enjoyable posts to do.  Today at noon I will announce the the winner here and deliver the gift card with a note telling them what the card is for. I hope to do it without them knowing where it came from.
  So everyone please if you haven't voted do so and help break the 3 way tie. You can comment here or on one of the many links I put in face book or email me at However you vote I thank you very much for playing along making me and some unsuspecting child happy.
 Here is a link to the post with the pictures up for vote
   Again thank you for voting and for reading my blog. 

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