Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy # 5 or 3 Builders and Bean Soup

  This morning I got a nice surprise in my email. A notice that there was a comment on my Snow Daze post by some one calling them self Happy # 5.

 I made it easy for the parents to search and find my blog by signing the letter Chachijoan. I am sure I would want to know who was leaving gifts for my child or children to be sure there was no danger. While I didn't want thanks I did want the parents to feel comfortable. I am glad I did it that way, I wasn't looking for gratitude for something I was doing to please me, so I dropped an unmarked envelope containing a short note and the gift card  in the mail box and drove away,

 but like one of my friends I would have loved to see the reaction of the child getting the prize. So my day was made today when I read the comment and sure enough the parents did research chachijoan and did find the blog. The comment that was left gave me a clear picture in words of the excitement and joy the 3 builders experienced as Mom read my letter to them. That comment also brought a tear to mine and Bill's eye. I referred to the snow creation as a snow lady well it turns out that the snow lady's name is Bob. Do you think that is short for Roberta? I had so much fun doing this that I know I will do this again.    
   "What Was Dinner"?  Easy warm and hearty and just perfect for a cold winter night. No recipes not even to follow the directions on the jiffy box just cooking like I know how to do. Early in the afternoon I put 3 cans of drained and rinsed red, black, and white beans in my dutch oven adding to them onion, garlic, diced ham, ham broth, chicken broth,and seasoning, after bringing it to a boil I let it simmer all afternoon the end result was a very good bean soup. I served the soup with Jiffy's corn bread and onion and vinegar to top the soup with.

 Moms favorite dinner. A meal that warm you to your toes and sticks to your ribs.

   Welcome to the Weekend. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. That's almost as good as seeing their face! Have a great weekend.

  2. I know I loved reading the comment and I thought of you when I read it knowing you would enjoy it to. Gave me chills and made this adventure even more fun. I hope to enjoy the weekend. Come Monday I will be an even older old lady so I gotta enjoy while I am young. :)