Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walking in the Snow

   It is snowing big fluffy flakes that aren't going to last or stick with the temperature being a balmy 35 degrees. It is still so pretty to look at I love snow there is something so peaceful and quiet about falling snow even in a blizzard. 
       As I was sitting here watching the snow fall thinking about what I would write today I realized I was only thinking how I would like to take a walk in the snow. After reading my own words I saved my work shut down the computer put my coat on and grabbed my camera. I am so glad I did, there is nothing better than fluffy white flakes falling softly on your face. 
   I walked down the road that I normally drive and saw things I had never noticed before. Most of the time when I walk I walk in the neighborhoods around here with sidewalks so staying on my road was the same yet different. While the falling snow was beautiful the day it self is gray and drab and a good day for a walk. I never knew how pretty it is when you look past the road and into the trees. I also did not know how high up the hill our road actually is. When crept to the edge and looked down I was amazed to realize that the trees I look at everyday as I quickly drive by are actually only the tree tops there is a whole lot more tree then you actually see.
   I took a few pictures as I was walking a learned a few more valuable lessons about my camera and how to take better pictures the next time. The Canon Rebel T3 is proving itself to be just what I wanted. The smaller of the lens the 18 - 55 mm is perfect for food photos and light enough that I can hold the camera steady and shoot.

   I drive over this all the time and did not realize it was there. I needed to adjust my setting a little more and let more light in for better color but I am happy with the focus something I have a hard time with.

   Cropping would have made the Lama in the door more visible and the stronger lens would have helped with that as well, but when walking the lighter lens is better. I figured out the settings to get better brighter color and lost my focus. Like I said I learned a little more about my camera and how to take better pictures next time.

 My front yard the snow kids are playing in the snow. I need to work on lighting and being able to see the coloring and lighting on the digital screen. This photo looked perfect on the camera screen but looks overexposed on the larger screen.
  "What was dinner"? Last night was a repeat of a faceless I did in Sept that was really very good. Not as easy as my previous dinners and definitely not as quick but not hard to do and is worth the effort and time. I put a face on this dish in Sept but it isn't a good picture. I am going to reface this with what I feel is a better photo.
Stuffed pork chops

 This photo is the one I am going to replace. Very grainy and dark.
This is the photo I will be using instead. It may be a little too bright but I still think it is much better then the first 
   The green beans you see on the plate was also a faceless recipe and a pretty tasty one as well
Citrus bacon greenbeans

Here is what my dinner table looked like. A very happy place to be.

   Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday and that it is a totally tubular Thursday. Thanks so much for stopping by.  

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