Friday, January 17, 2014

Chicken Soup and Moorestown Walking

   Today I went walking in a quaint little town not far from where I live called Moorestown. I drive through this town all the time and always am saying to myself one of these days you need to stop and actually take a walk down Main St. Today was that day. 
   Walking down main street is like stepping back in time. Not just a decade or so but centuries. The private homes along Main St are the original  Victorian homes and they are kept in excellent condition. They are massive sprawling pieces of architectural history and a marvel to look at. Not a single house is the same except they are all grand and the bell of the ball. All the businesses along Main St are housed in original buildings also, not as grand as the homes but still very cool to look at and walk through. In this little town there is a church on every corner everyone of them is beautiful. There are cafes, schools, antique shops, health restaurants, an old fashion toy store and so much more to see so if you ever get the chance come take a walk along main street. I am sure you will find it as enjoyable as I did.

   This is where I started the picture taking part of my walk. I did my best not to take pictures of the private homes, believe me it wasn't easy as you will see.
One of the many cute cafes along main street. This one would be my choice.
  This is one very cool looking building I like the look out on the roof. Glassed in and all.

  Of the 30 dogs I can only find 2 of them. 1 of them is in someones back yard. I just love this one.
  Part of Friends school and church and one very beautiful building.
This is a private home and happens to be my favorite one. Not as grand as some of the other homes but majestic with a grandeur all its own just the same. I felt comfortable taking a photo of this house because it is for sale. Yeah I wish.
  Another private house but how could I not take a picture of that perfect storage system.
A little more local art. Cute and fun and just makes me smile.

Madeline calls this the castle and she got to see it up close and personal while mom was staying there for a month while she recovered. This is where I ended my walk, I am so glad I took the time to check out Moorestown it really was a walk worth taking.
 "What Was Dinner"
     Homemade Chicken broth with mushrooms,onion, celery, and spinach all in a pan let simmer for an hour add cooked rice and serve soup with corn muffins. Dinner could not have been simpler. If I had known that is what we were doing I would have defrosted ground meat and made little meatballs for the soup.
I really really need to learn how to use that light and how to not rush the shot. This is the best shot I got of dinner. Well at least it tasted better than my photo.
   I hope it is a fabulous Friday for everyone, thanks so much for stopping by.

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