Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I am 54 going on 55 and sometimes I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. At least when it comes to this blog and after I am no longer needed to care for mom. That is what I was thinking about when I wasn't writing my post yesterday. I really didn't get any answers in fact I think I just got more questions.
   When it comes to what will I do when I am no longer needed at home I have no answers and luckily I still have time to figure it out.
 As for my blog I know I want to write, I just am not sure what I want to write about. All I know is that with all the work and commitment it takes to create a good blog(at least I hope it is a good blog)  it needs to be enjoyable for both the reader and myself. I have a lot of ideas in my head and plan to explore them all. Hopefully it will be an exciting journey for all of us. 
  Today is all about my camera. Last night there was this amazing moon and I so wanted to use my stronger zoom lens and try and get a great picture. How ever by the time I got the lens on and the tri pod set up the clouds had completely covered the moon and stayed that way until the wee hours of the morning so no photo. This morning after the fog cleared  a bright and sunny morning emerged. The sky was so blue and not a cloud to be seen. With the lens still on my camera I couldn't pass up a little walk out back to see what I can do with the stronger lens. Out I went and found a spot to sit and watch and just play with my camera. 
  I have a few pictures to show you. Keep in mind I am not a professional and I know my photos are not on a professional level. That being said I did not crop or edit the pictures I am going to share because I wanted everyone to see that even though I have a long way to go in my photography learning, this camera takes good pictures on its own, pictures I was never able to get with my point and shoot. I need a stronger tri pod that won't shake with the weight of the camera when I click the shutter button. The tri pod is a must when using the bigger lens since the camera is to heavy for me to hold steady and get a clear shot even with the neck strap on.
 I took this same photo with my old camera and the clarity is so much better once you get the hang of working with the lens.

Well almost the same photo, same tree, same angle and close to the same lighting just a different pine cone. Still look at the difference.

 The bird landed behind me and getting myself twisted around with out making it fly away was tricky. My settings are wrong for this picture. The good news is that I know that and how to fix it.

I am just thrilled with these 2 pictures, she was up above my head so far that I had to set the tri pod on my knees. With more practice I will get even better shots of the birds in the trees. Still I am thrilled because this bird was totally out of reach for my old camera.
  " What Was Dinner"? This has been the week of easy and no recipes. Starting with the Sunday venison and then continuing the easy theme Monday we had Cheeseburger hoagies and french fries. If you are from PA, NJ and most likely NY  you already know what a cheeseburger hoagie is for you that not heard of this before basically it is a Cheeseburger served on a long roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, and in my case bacon.

 I dressed the rolls with Mayo, Mustard, and ketchup less then a tablespoon of each. Tuesday was still an easy dinner as well as good old fashion comfort food. Mashed potatoes make any meal a comfort dish and were the perfect partner to my Kraut and Kielbasi.

 Hands down that is on my top 10 favorite meals.  
     Here is wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday. Thank you for stopping by.  

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