Thursday, January 9, 2014

To use or not to use

One of the downfalls of collecting something you love and use every day is they get damaged sometimes, and when it happens the question begs to be asked, "To use or not to use". Well that is me today. I have a plum set of Fiestaware that I really don't care for and was getting ready to trade with another Fiesta user. When I pulled out the set from my cabinet I noticed a knife scratch directly in the center of the dinner plate. So no trade that is for sure. No one wants a scratched plate that they didn't scratch them self. So how do you answer the question " to use or not to use"? For me it is to use and suffer the small indignities of regular use. 
  I tell Bill all the time that the plates are not cutting boards. It is easy to tell your family to take it easy on your plate ware but when it comes to guests now that is a little tricky. You want your guest to enjoy and have fun during your dinner party. After all that is the point of a party and festive dinner ware right? So setting rules and asking your guest to be nice to your table ware because you would rather not get scratches on them I believe would dampen the mood while everyone was being careful not to harm your Fiesta. 
  Lucky for me there is a solution. The scratches are much more visible on the dark colors like cobalt and plum, and I don't really care for the darker colors so I will resist buying plates in the darker colors and of the dark colors I do have I will not be using them for guests. I really never do understand when I see someone sawing away on my plates, sawing so hard the table shakes, I scratch my head and wonder why, I am a good cook and most everything I serve is tender and easy to cut.

Hard to get a clear shot but there is the offending scratch. It amazes me somewhat at how fragile the glaze is. I just bought this set in Dec and only used the plate once. That was all it took and yet you can find Fiesta plates that are from the 30's and not a scratch on them or very few. Don't get me wrong I still love my Fiestaware I just don't love when they get scratched.
  What was for dinner, last night was straight up comfort food and faceless as well. I just love taking pictures of our food almost as much as eating it. 
 We started with a tossed salad and then Green beans cooked with brown sugar butter and bacon. I was worried about the sweet and savory mix but there really was no reason to worry. A yummy way to serve bacon.
 Green beans
 Our main course was so satisfying and filling that Bill didn't want seconds. Again there was something in the recipe that gave me pause for thought still I followed the recipe exactly as written and I am very very glad I did. I have made Scalloped potatoes with pork chops often and never have they come out as creamy or as tasty as these did. The mustard in this recipe is not over powering and really did add to flavor of this dish. I enjoyed this for dinner and then this morning I almost didn't get my picture and the plate of food didn't last 5 minutes after the photo before becoming my breakfast.

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes and Pork Chops
 Dinner was as good as it looks. Both recipes are keepers and bound to be used over and over again in this house.
 Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed yourself. Please feel free to comment I really do like to read your comments. I can't comment on google blogs for some reason so know I read and appreciate your thoughts and comment.

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