Friday, January 10, 2014

Deals and Meals

What a day what a day icy rain every where. I had errands to run today but they can wait. I will stay warm, dry and safe at home in front of the fire.

   Yesterday was a Fiesta kind of day. It started with a trip to the Cherry Hill J C Penny's where I am not a shamed to say I strong armed the staff to discount the 2 pieces I had been drooling over for more then 3 weeks. As most know J C Penny is discontinuing the Fiesta line and have discounted it 40% and more depending on where you live. I have heard other people from other states getting as much as 90% off. Not in NJ they won't budge from 40% so I kept going back and asking about it and yesterday I got lucky and they took another 20% off each piece I wanted. So now I am the proud owner of a Sunflower covered casserole dish.

 As well as a beautiful cobalt blue dutch oven.

 Even though it is imported and not made by HLC I am still thrilled to get this pan. I planned dinner tonight so I can use it.
   Then when I get home with my new treasures and not only is Husband  pleased with my deals of the day(always a good thing)  I find out my fiesta friend still wants to trade even with a scratched plate. I wasn't comfortable with trading the plate and knew she really needed the bowl to the set, so I asked her to trade the luncheon plate I really wanted for the bowl. It is a done deal and we both are going to get just what we wanted making me more then happy. I see that plum plate being used by my husband when we have things like steaks and chops that require cutting on the plate. What the heck it is already scratched and not my favorite plate so I won't cringe when I hear the knife drag across the dish and I can enjoy my dinner instead of worrying about the plate. So it is a win win all the way around and the perfect ending to a perfect Fiesta day.
  What was for dinner last night? Well prime rib that I tried cooking using a method I found in my Allrecipes magazine. A 500 oven for 15 minutes then shut the oven down and leave it closed for 2 hours. Giving you a perfect medium rare rib. I did mine for 20 minutes laying down in a cast iron skillet and I got well done. Still tender and juicy with good flavor just more well done then I really like. Husband who did this method perfectly says I should have used 2 potatoes and kept the rib upright then I would have gotten the result I was looking for. I really enjoyed the gravy I got from the pan drippings and was a perfect topping to the mashed potatoes.Broccoli rounded out dinner and is always good with prime rib. Steamed with butter and lemon always a good way to eat broccoli. I used a faceless recipe for the potatoes and it was a nice use for butter milk. Creamy and a very good flavor even before I topped them with gravy.
Smashed potatoes
Food always looks good on Fiestaware but some times I think my food makes the Fiesta looks good.Well which ever way Shamrock certainly  rocks these potatoes.
   Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the read and come back again soon, for some more dishing and dinning.

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