Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lunch Date Down Town

    What a great day it was today. First I read there is a chance of a MAJOR snow storm on my Birthday, it is really to early to predict but reading it still made me smile. Then just as I sat down to do my blog, Bill who is off work today and bored said "you wanna go walking in Reading Terminal"? I didn't waste words answering I just shut down my laptop and put on my warmest winter woollies grabbed my camera bag and headed for the car.

  A brisk walk through China Town brings us right to the front door of our destination.

     The Reading Terminal is in center city Philadelphia and has been around since the 1800's in one form or another right where it is on Market st once called high street. It has grown and changed many times over the years as the people and their needs changed. My first memory of this market is over 30 years ago and it was prominently an Amish farmers market with all kinds of farm fresh items as well as fresh  baked and canned goods available, as well as a few used and antique stands to titillate your senses. Now gone are the antique stands and while the Amish are still there they have made room for every kind of restaurant you can imagine ranging from Cajun style gator gumbo to Indian curry with a good ole cheese steak standing solid in the middle and lets not for get the oyster bar.
Where Bill got his lunch 

My first taste of Gator, not to bad.

Po Boy Sandwich 

Such a good guy letting me picture him eating. It looks like it was a good sandwich 

spicy hot fries.
Where my lunch came from

My lunch Coconut curry chicken. Yummy!

 The Terminal is the go to place for all the office workers in that area of the city as well as a tourist attraction not to be missed. You could go there every day for a year and not have the same thing twice and still have things you hadn't tried. Heck I could go there every day for a year and still not get all the pictures there are to take.
  I  love walking around just looking at the rows and rows of fresh cheese, fish, poultry,and meats of all kind.

 The best stands have to be the candy, chocolate, and bakery stands every thing is so so tempting, and the samples don't make it any easier to walk away empty handed.

   I have no idea what my blog would have been about this morning what do know is it wouldn't have been as fun as this one.
Art work out side the terminal on 12th st. That is the terminal behind the sculpture.

out side the terminal. Market street side

   "What Was Dinner"?  Well other then the fact my recipe came from somewhere other then Allrecipes there is not a lot about it that will WOW you. It is a good solid recipe and was good tasting, I will make it again because I like rosemary and lemon.
lemon rosemary chicken

 I will tweak it just a little and lighten up on the lemon, add garlic and onion to the sauce as well as the mushroom I added this time, I think also I want to thicken the sauce just a tad. Other then that the recipe is good as written. I served rice, Broccoli, & Tossed salad using spinach. All in all dinner was good.

   I hope Thursday was a happy day for you too. Thank you for stopping by. 


  1. Wow, Joey, looks like Seattle has nothing on Philadelphia! What fun!

  2. I haven't been there since the late 70s when I had family living in Media,PA. It sure has changed, cleaner and more orderly. Your photos get better and better.
    Be a sport and keep the snow down there, ok?

  3. I have found away to comment On my own blogs at last. BigShotsMom funny we were at the terminal around the same time. I went there for the first time in 1979 spring. Thank you for the compliment.