Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Its Sept. Already

I can not believe that today is September 1 already. Where did the time go. It use to seem like summer was this long lazy season that lasted forever. Not any more it is like I blinked and summer was done.Well not really done more like coming to a close. School has started, there are winter coats on the racks in the clothing stores and the days are getting shorter. Just what I need shorter days I can't keep up with myself as it is.
 Last night I did 2 more faceless recipes. The last for the month of August. 23 recipes all total for this month. Not bad not bad at all. There are others with bigger numbers then that way bigger but I am satisfied that I did my part to help put faces on the faceless.
 This being the end of August my pepper plants are all full of peppers that are ripe and ready just begging to be picked. I picked a half a bushel and wasn't ready to clean and freeze them yet so I wanted to use a few with dinner. I took out a small piece of chuck steak earlier in the day. I really didn't need a recipe to make peppers and steak but I went looking anyway and the first one I came across looked real good and had no face. So I put a face on it. 
Chinese Pepper Round Steak
This was so good I followed the recipe almost as written I used paste instead of tomato soup as one reviewer suggested, I used a low salt beef stock and added what was left of my homemade beef stock with onion. I need to make more broth this week. Other then that I didn't change a thing and it was of the wall delicious. The meat was tender the peppers,(Okay so I changed one more tiny little thing) I added last to keep a little of the crispness to them were sweet and tasty, the gravy was such a nice change from the brown gravy I normally make. The tomato and ginger add a nice little zing in this dish.
  I had a pineapple that  was just hanging around begging to be invited to dinner. I did a recipe search in and I came up with over 200 recipes for fresh pineapple. It took me some time to find a recipe I liked and didn't have a face. I am so glad I spent the time. My side dish was baked pineapple. It was listed as a side dish but this could be a dessert as well. As a side dish it was a nice compliment to the pepper steak and rice.Simply delightful. Bill compared it to pineapple bread pudding. I don't think it is as sweet as bread pudding or as breaded, but I do see his point. I cut the recipe in half and only used about half of the pineapple. The recipe calls for canned pineapple slices, it worked just fine with my fresh pineapple.
Baked Pineapple

This was just so good. It would be a nice addition to your holiday menus,as well as your every day dishes. After all who said dinner couldn't be sweet.

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