Friday, August 31, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/Blocked

As my photos get better my writing is not.Rather my desire to write. In fact I am finding that less and less do I even want to be on the computer. 5 minutes in and I am bored with it all. A week ago I was forever on the computer reading writing and playing games. I need a job is what it is because being on the computer all the time with nothing to do is well boring for anybody.
I haven't grown tired of cooking or being in the kitchen. I still cook up a storm with Bill in the back ground  saying don't cook so much or not so rich. That is until I put a plate in front of him. Then he just smiles and says thank you.
  Last night for the first time in longer then I can remember I did not take a picture of my dinner. I didn't forget, it wasn't ugly or a disaster. If it had been a disaster I would have photographed it I am sure. I just didn't feel like picking up my camera and taking a picture. Dinner was delicious and one of my favorites summer or winter. Fresh green beans and potatoes cooked all day in a pot of water and bacon pieces. I used a crock pot and ham broth and cooked them for 6 hrs. Normally a ham or smoked butt go in the pot as well but last night I fried up pork chops in bacon fat. I got 1 rip tomato from my garden (the first and only so far) so I sliced that up along with an avocado crumbled the bacon on it and gave it a very light drizzle of french dressing and that was the salad. The house smelled so good with all that cooking it was just wonderful.Even better my dinner was still hot when I sat down and ate it.
   I did take pictures of dishes I made this week and I did more faceless recipes this week. I am not sure how many faces I have put to recipes this month but it is the most I have ever done in a month that is for sure.
 Sour Cream Marinated Chicken
This was a good dish. The meat was tender and moist and the flavor of the marinade is slight but good. I did need to put it in the broiler for a minute or two to get the breading to be as crispy as I like it. Other then that this a pretty cool recipe.
Herb Grilled Artichoke
This was good good good. I have had better artichoke dishes before but this one is not bad at all. I wouldn't worry my self about having all the ingredients on hand for boiling the artichoke in because the flavor doesn't really come through when it is finished. It was however an easy way to prepare a grilled artichoke with very good results. Next time I am going to make a melted butter with herbs and wine for dipping the artichoke after it is cooked.
This is not a recipe. This was dinner one night when I didn't feel like looking up recipes. I shredded the rib meat off the bones and then went on face book and posted in all my cooking groups that I had the meat and not a clue as what to do. I only knew I was looking in the direction of Tex-Mex. Hands down  the quesadilla was the most suggested. I went with a suggestion to cook the meat with tomatoes, bell pepper and onion and then spice it up with some cayenne,cumin, and other similar spices, I added cinnamon and some of my freshly made tomatilla sauce into the mix. I cooked that all together and then using tortilla shells and lots of cheese I turned it into a pie. I made a spicy corn casserole and baked beans. A delicious dinner no doubt about it. The meat was so good. I don't think I can ever get that flavor combination again. That was pretty much luck of the draw and I may get close but never the same.
In the kitchen where I love to be. As you see I got a pineapple just begging to be invited to dinner.


  1. Love your pixs and love your writings!! Your food looks absolutely delicious. And don't you wish you had more counter top space!! I have a little more than that, but not enough. But then again, if I had more, my kitchen would just be a bigger disaster everyday!!!

    1. I have a little more space on the other side of the kitchen. For the most part I use what you see. Yes I wish it was bigger. There were plans to redo the kitchen and I would have gotten space, but money got in the way LOL
      I am go glad you enjoy my blog. I love to hear that. Thank you so much.