Monday, September 3, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/Wedding Feast

I almost always love being a guest at a wedding. Weddings are so much fun you get to Eat Drink & be Merry. Last night I attended the wedding of Homer and Nora. Such a great couple and such a wonderful wedding. The Bride was just absolutely beautiful, The groom was as handsome as can be and together they looked like the story book couple that get to live happily after. After a lovely binding ceremony and all the pictures were taken the happy couple stepped on the dance floor with a style and flair of their own and started the party. There was music,dancing, spirits, and so much good food. The buffet table was just loaded with all kinds of goodness. I loaded my plate with a little bit of just about everything.  After a little dancing and a few drinks I was hungry again so what I didn't try the first time around made it to my plate the second time around.
  The food was delicious and as I said plentiful unlike other weddings I have attended the food stayed out almost until the end of the night. I liked that, it always bugs me when the caterer seems in a hurry to take the food away. One thing that was done last evening really impressed me it was such a good idea and I had never seen it done before. Not only was it  efficient it was thoughtful and some how heart warming. Instead of just taking the food away, compostable take home containers were placed on the buffet table and we were invited to fill them up and take them home.  
 I only took a few pictures last night. I was dancing and having to much fun to concentrate on photography. I did focus enough to take a picture of my first dinner plate.
  It was just as tasty this morning when I heated up my take home container.The happy couple were very generous with their guest, they provided lovely fans and cute little flags to wave at the end of the ceremony saying yay!, flip flops for the ladies with sore feet, and best of all look just past my plate that glimpse of blue ribbon is our party favor and it is a little loaf of I believe that one is banana bread. 
  Best Wishes Homer and Nora! Thank you so much for inviting us to share such a happy occasion with you. It was a wonderful wedding and we had a blast.


  1. My daughter just got married as well on Saturday...
    Her wedding was absolutely out of this world filling and delicious as well!!
    We always have "to go containers", saves stuffing in the purses!! ;-)

    1. I am so glad the wedding went well. If this catches on I can stop lining my purse before the weddings. LOL