Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Faceless frenzy

Dessert came first. At least that is what I made first giving it plenty of time to chill and me plenty of time to dream about it.
 I was faceless recipe hunting once again yesterday and came up with 2 good ones. Actually 3 good ones but I only made 2. My main dish and one side dish are faceless recipes no more. I like this activity we eat so well and I have so much fun cooking all this stuff.
                               Mashed Cauliflower
This recipe is a dish that Bill and I love. I make mashed cauliflower quite often and while we love how it taste I never seem to be able to get it creamy enough. For this recipe I followed the directions very carefully and read something I had not noticed or was not in other recipes. The reviews on this recipe were mixed and the biggest complaint was the texture. So I am not the only one that overlooked a very important hint. "Hand held blender" I have always used a mixer,this time I used my immersion blender and walaa creamy cauliflower. I have tried cooking the veggie to mush, adding cheese and all kinds of other things. Turns out all I needed was better tool.
                                                      Raisin Whiskey Steak      
This was a quick and easy recipe just as the writer promised. What they didn't say was that for all the ease and quickness of this dish it is company worthy. There is no way this unusual recipe wouldn't impress even your most VIP guest. Unless they happen to be vegetarian. The 3 flavors of the marinade are awesome together making a savory sweet flavor that compliments the steak like a kiss on the cheek. I am not a raisin eater I still however like the flavor food soaks up from cooking with raisins. The raisins added an interesting dimension to the plate making it easy to plate an appetizing and impressive meal.
         And this was a happy ending to a tasty meal.


  1. Sooooo when can I come over?? ;-) Love your reviews and the dishes!!
    Just like you, I finally fell in love with my immersion blender and my brand new DeLonghi food processor, heaven's to Betsy is it beautiful!!!
    I guess quality does pay huh?? ;-)

    1. Knock at my door any time. Yes quality does pay.:)