Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Mexican Casserole

I was still working on faceless recipes yesterday. I have been craving Mexican food for a week. So while I was skimming the faceless list a couple good sounding Mexican recipes  needing faces popped up. Thrilled with my find I picked the one that sounded the best and that was dinner last night. It was a lot of work and time consuming to put together.The effort was worth it and  dinner was good. Even though the next time I make this I will be tweaking the recipe more then a little, and I am still craving Mexican food, I gave the recipe a high rating. It is basically  a very good recipe full of flavor and yummy goodness. The changes I want to make are due to personal taste and not due to any fault with the recipe.
                    Mexican Enchilada Casserole
As you can see the lettuce is cooked in the casserole,I don't like hot lettuce so I will serve the lettuce and most likely the tomatoes on the side. I think black or re fried beans would be a good addition to this dish. A little cayenne in the seasoning and hard taco shells in place of the tortilla shells on the inside layers.The soft shells just got to soggy. As leftovers the inner layers were to soggy to eat.  Plus a little extra cheese just for good measure. I think the changes I want to make would make this a 5.5 yummy recipe.  There is one thing that will not ever be changed by me,that is the way the enchilada sauce is made. That sauce is in my opinion what gave this recipe its 5 star taste.


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    1. Yes it was very good. Both Bill and I had it for lunch and he came home from work saying I could serve it for dinner again.