Monday, August 6, 2012

Dinner in the Summer Time/ Dinner out!

Yesterday a friend of ours showed up and took us to dinner. What a pleasant surprise. Bob is that kind of friend thoughtful and generous and packed full of surprises. The photo above is my dinner. Filet Marsala. I ate every bite of that steak it was that good. My Marsala is not as sweet as this one was and has more body to it then this one did. Even still I liked it. I like my Marsala better. Thank you Allrecipe.
 Before we went to dinner Bob was looking through my Seattle trip photos and a few of my food photos where there. My cordon bleu photo was in the mix and Bob bless his heart thought it was a dish I had in a restaurant in Seattle.  So when he saw cordon bleu on the menu he had to have it. I was thrilled when he ordered it because he was giving me a chance to compare a dish I made to a chefs dish. I will say up front I did not get to taste the chicken from the restaurant my comparison is totally based on looks.

The restaurants version of cordon bleu. Sorry about the blurr.

  My version of cordon bleu. As I said I did not get to do a taste test. Both Bill and I thought my recipe looked better. One thing I know for sure my gravy was so much better then the restaurants. The gravy used in the restaurant was a powder base instant with no texture and the salty taste of processed food.
  I enjoyed eating out and not having to cook or clean up. My dinner was tasty and absolutely enjoyable. Even still I can't help the s@#t eating grin on my face as I realize I may have out cooked a professional chef. 


  1. Your version looks way better! Is it up on AR?

    1. Thank you. Yes it is a recipe I found in AR.

  2. You keep smiling!!! Cuz you did!!!
    Even though "I" have not been culinary trained, I can and do make better Italian, steaks, and all those name brand outlet foods, always. My meals include love and taste..

    Be proud my friend, be very proud!!!